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Your smell not telling of surrounding people!

We value the odor very much in our life.
There are times when you enjoy the fragrance, and there are times when you try to judge the situation whether it is safe or not.
In recent years, it has come to be used to Japanese English called “smell Harassment” (abbreviation: Smellhara) about odor which makes the surroundings uncomfortable.

Unlike power harassment and gender harassment, strong odor is likely to occur from places without malice.
What do you do when you faced the bad smell person that you can`t resist?

How do you feel if you encounter a bad smear harassment?

For example, a beautiful woman who has bad breath speaks to you.

  • If a woman with strong bad breath is a boss at work
    You may be unable to concentrate on work and your work efficiency may decline.
  • If a woman with strong bad breath is a longing person
    The feelings of wishing to stay with may be lost.
  • If the woman with bad breath is a staff
    You do not feel like wanting to buy it, or you may want to go to another shop.

How about from this example?
Originally “Smell Harassment” is a word that refers to the damage the surroundings suffer, but do not you think that the person (who regarded as a smelly person) think as an unlucky man by himself?.
This woman with strong bad breath has lost a little bit within notice.
Smell is, it has various types of odor depending on gender and age.
Perhaps you may have lost a little bit.
It is because there may be odor peculiar to men.

Is your body odor really realized?

Men on the structure of the body, is what a unique smell is likely to occur.
It is difficult to notice by myself, but if you do not notice the body odor without pointed out by the surroundings or family from the viewpoint of caring, you may continue to lose.
“But if you get older, everyone will smell old?”
Is it really age-old smell?
Fatigue smell?
Stress smell?
Constipation smell?
Diet smell?
Armpit smell?
Foot smell?
According to “Men’s Odor Research Institute” of Mandom Co., Ltd. who dealt with a wide range of products about research on men’s odor, it is understood that men’s age of age = aging odor is not necessarily limited.
Every time I age, the men’s odor changes.

By age: Change in body odor of men

changing smell for men

First of all, there is not one type of body odor smell.
Moreover, from the figure, you can see that the peak of the odor index and odor of each body odor varies with age.
Let’s start with knowing what kind of smell you are.
Knowing your odor, you will know how to deal with how to deodorize!
Let’s not lose while you do not know!

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