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What Makes MID Special?

Japan's best
big and tall
specialty store
for men

We don't stop at clothes!

We offer
unique products
to Japan

"Aim to put a smile on every customer's face": this is the MID motto!


We're Japan's best big and tall specialty store for men

We aim to be the best men's big and tall specialty store online!

We offer ready-made clothes for men up to 200cm tall, and up to a 160cm waist!

Larger than your average L, XL, or even XXL? No need to worry about dealing with order-made clothing or endlessly searching for the right fit: here you can find shirts, pants, jackets, and more—MID International’s sizes range from 2XL all the way up to 10XL.

We know what it's like to be big

Our team understand the trials and tribulations of being a man on the larger side. Whether you've experienced too tight of a T-shirt neck or been left disgruntled with mismatched suit jackets and pant sizing in the past, MID offers products that can solve the problems unique to big or tall men.

Unlike other manufacturers, we specifically customize and stock our range using specialized measurements from the neck and chest right down to the size and depth of the pockets—all with the comfort and satisfaction of larger gentlemen in mind.

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We don't stop at clothes!

We have hundreds of big and tall clothes and accessories!

Our goal is to provide king-sized clothes from top to toe

Bigger bodies not only call for bigger clothes, but shoes and accessories too! MID offers everything from bigger sized caps, underwear, and belts to unique big sized shoes, jewelry, and even umbrellas. We intend to be a one-stop shop for all your outfit and accessory needs, no matter what your style may be.

A diverse and growing range of seasonal fashion and accessories

We're constantly updating and adding to our large range of specialized big and tall clothing and accessories. From warm coats and scarves for the colder months to lightweight T-shirts and easy to wear shorts for the warmer, we've got you comfortably covered all year round - literally!

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We offer unique products exclusive to Japan

Large size kimono, anime merchandise, and more!

We offer an exclusive touch of Japanese culture - super-sized!

We stock unique products and offer one-of-a-kind services that bring a taste of Japanese culture to you. From fun anime tees, awesome licensed wrestling jackets, and playful ponchos to striking traditional Japanese motif sweats and jackets, you can show your love for the land of the rising sun wherever you go.

Show off your fun side with made-to-order outfits and more

For those looking to uncover their inner shinobi, we offer amazing big sized made-to-order ninja outfits—the only service of its kind in the world—as well as Japanese kimono, jinbei, and traditional Japanese socks. Enjoy some cosplay, or just simply sit back, relax, and experience the magic and comfort of traditional Japanese clothing for yourself!

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