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Big socks also refreshing storage! Way of socks storage

bigsize socks

Think that clothes will be changed at the turn of the season, but something unexpected is troublesome.

Recently three pairs of socks, such as ● ● ● yen, many socks are bought in bulk as many socks, so when notice, the storage case is filled with socks, only one side goes somewhere . . .
Even if intend to store with the right sock and the left sockets as a set, does not it end up becoming messed up when take out?

Especially when the size of socks is large, use storage space as much as it is, and bulky if there is thickness …
Think that there are not a few people who have such troubles.

So easy to clean up ♪ Easy storage ♪ Clean look ♪
I will show you how to store such socks and how to fold.

1. Separate storage BOX for each sock of the same kind!

In winter and summer the socks kind and length are different. So first,
· Long length socks are long length socks
· Short things like sneaker socks are short stuff
If want to separately store storage boxes in advance, just change the storage box at the turn of the season OK!

2. Socks are folded in storage is basic!

Usually often think that there is sometimes rolling up and storing, but in fact it is bulky and it looks bulky when stored, it is not good.
Therefore, the basic is “”folding and vertical storage””!
If keep it vertically, it’s easy to take out and it’s less likely to get messed up than to stack!


3. Put a partition on the storage BOX

When folded socks are stored every partition, the appearance is clean and clean and easy to take out!
It is also recommended to add a partition with a hair rubber to the basket purchased for 100 yen uniformly etc.
In addition, it is “”How to fold”” want to be careful when storing.
First of all, it is convenient to remember how to fold basic socks.

1. spread flat feeling as wearing socks.
bigsize socks
2. heel portion in such a way that on the inside.
bigsize socks
3. Remaining one third of the toes and fold from the mouth side towards the toes.
bigsize socks
4. The remaining toes part, to be packed put to wearing mouth that is above.
bigsize socks

If this folding way, it is possible to accommodate the socks at approximately the same size.

In this way, it will clean and convenient take-out and storage is a little trick!

bigsize socks

Midintertnational has various stocksocks of 29 cm or more.
If imitate the above method for large socks as well, can store them neatly so please try by all means.

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