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Only 10 minutes in T-shirt of yell tint to be removed!?

We receive any kinds of opinion from our customer.
Here is one of them which is a little trouble from our customer.
We will show you the method of removing yell tint.


Q. A trick to make a T-shirt last longer, got a very helpful one, Thank you

A. “”Tips to make a T-shirt last longer”” is a notification of the maintenance method are sending along with the item purchased.

Thank you for reading!

Regarding the yellow tint of T-shirts, in this period will get inquiries from multiple customers.

Introduce “”T-shirt 10 minutes maintenance”” to solve such problems!

Favorite T-shirt to make long-wearing 10 minutes maintenance

In fact, can drop off objectionable yellow tint in a simple way. The required time is only 10 minutes.

1. Make the same amount of oxygen bleach and baking soda in lukewarm water to make a detergent (2 minutes)

2. With the shirt wet with hot water, attach detergent made with 1 (3 minutes)
Use convenient toothbrush such as

3. Directly spray the steam without lightly floating the iron without attaching to the fabric, and give the heat (5 minutes)

4. Afterwards can wash your clothes as usual, can get a good yellow tint.

how to remove

By the way, the remaining baking soda is also useful for other care.

For example, it is an excellent item that can be used as a bath agent, such as moisture / odor removal of shoes, mold removal of washing machine, etc.

Please confirm “”How to use other sodium bicarbonate care”” for usage.

T – shirt are pretty handy in the coming season. It is also useful to remember here.

Sweat-stained of conspicuous T-shirt・do not conspicuous T-shirt

The style of only one T – shirt, you will notice sweat stains such as side sweats by all means.

By the way, the summer discomfort felt by men seems to be 1st for smell and 2nd for sweat stain. However, can not consciously stop sweat, do you?

Therefore, it is convenient to remember the type of T shirt that is not noticeable even when you sweat, and the type of prominent T shirt.

First of all, “”color selection””.

Basically, if it is a dark system color or vivid color, sweat stain will not be noticeable.

On the contrary, it is easy to sweat stain because it is easy to get a difference between the color of sweat and the color of light color or light color.

· Even if you sweat, colors that are inconspicuous · · · Black / White / Yellow / Navy
· Stand out color when sweating · · · gray / khaki / brown / charcoal gray

Next, “”Select material and function””.

Materials with high water absorption and quick-drying properties are less likely to become stained. Breathability is bad and hygroscopic material is easy to sweat stain.

· Invisible material even when sweating · · · hemp
· Even if you sweat, noticeable function · · · sweat-fast drying

Today I will introduce about yellow tint and sweat stain of T – shirt.

As the temperature rises steadily from now on, we will introduce the materials and functional products for summer!

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