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Active in body temperature adjustment is difficult to autumn! Convenient coat product items on the one’s destination

Hello! A few days ago, Takagi has plucked the woolen fabric from the pushing in.
Takagi was hot in summer for a while until this time, but the temperature has fallen, and in the morning and evening it feels a bit chilly today this day.

A person who is trying to lower the set temperature of the air conditioner while saying “Hot …hot” beside me ….


Yes, a hot staff fighting 1, 2 for Mid!
In haste putting on the remote control place, when checking the room temperature, it is rainy 23 ℃ in mid-October.
It is surprising that people have different sensible temperatures so far! !
That’s right. Each person has a different sensible temperature.
Especially the change of the season is easy to put on and remove woolen fabrics such as parka and shirt are very useful for temperature control!
If there is an item that is easy to remove in the usual coordination, it will not be able to dispute at the set temperature. I think I will bring a woolen fabric from tomorrow (ha-ha)
So, this time, I would like to introduce some coordination incorporating woven fabrics that are active from autumn to winter!

1.Full Zip Hoodie

Full Zip Hoodie that wears without worrying about shape collapse and wrinkle.
Hoodie is active as a winter clothing from autumn to autumn arrival in the summer, it is a versatile item that is active throughout the year.
There is no doubt that it will be useful just by bringing one to the destination.


The item you would like to recommend to those looking for functional materials is a wind jacket.
Today, wind jackets with high design, as well as functionality, are gaining popularity, and as more sports wears, of course, more people are adopting it for everyday wear.

Especially the windbreaker with water repellent function can surpass the light rain.
It is also nice to carry on light weight so it’s nice to be able to detach according to the sensible temperature.


A casual shirt with a collar is an excellent one that can produce a sense of touching with just wearing.
Spring shirts are for wearing without the need for jumper. In the winter it is active as an inner of the outer and cardigan.
Of course not only compatibility with denim pants and chino pans, this season is a popular style to incorporate sweat pants with a sense of relaxation into coordination and enjoy the feeling of up and down!
Recently, attention is gathered to materials considered to wear, such as antimicrobial, antibacterial, deodorant-resistant material that prevents odor, and ventilated shirts that improve the breathability inside the clothes.
“The sweat makes the shirt wet and the inner is transparent”, “The breathability is bad and the inside of the clothes sticks with sweat”
I can now enjoy shirt style comfortably without anything.
Easy Suma (rakusuma) Shirt List


Best way to enjoy layered style with ease.
If you open the front, you can emphasize fashionable inner designs, and you can expect tall height effects by coordinating the vertical lines.
For long-sleeved T-shirts alone it is a fashion item you want to recommend.

5.MA-1 jacket

Speaking of the impression of the MA – 1 jacket up to the past, it was an image of heavy clothing that was stiff, but recently it has become increasingly thin MA – 1 that can be worn with a light outer feeling and so there is no chance of dressing up.
MA – 1 finished in a masculine cool impression is now one of the items indispensable for adult casual style.
What do you think?
It is difficult to adjust the surrounding temperature according to your own sensible temperature.
Please incorporate the woven fabrics introduced by us into your ordinary coordination and spend it comfortably!

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