Japanese Big & Tall Clothing for Men

Cloth is long lasting, a useful apron technique of a man can do! Even the time when can`t use, it is so usefully

Our mid-staff speak with our customers every day and surrounded by various items.
Therefore, there is triumph of recalling a useful way to use Mid items!
Whether it is an official usage or not, the indeed usage of staff around us, if it is midly OK content (OK?) Is a series to let you know as well.
So this time, I would like to report closely to small countries and how to use the apron!
A small country of a self-catering school whose girls’ power is being evaluated also in the office is the use of aprons is amazing. (And suits you)
During the work of moving the body, the small country wears an apron on DIY on the holiday.
Not using an apron during cooking. (It will be the original use … · · ·)
It is foot work as well, easy to dash.
Even if you sit down with your legs open.
A lot of things put in the pocket, and pen insertion is really useful!
But why are you wearing an apron?
Small country: “Even if you work, you can have a hairball on clothes …. however, try to remove the hairball, but want to last longer the favorite clothes!”
Indeed, it prevents the scratch and rubbed, and it is a plan of valuable for a long time. (What I am making a hairball, so ashamed …)
Even though taking a seatbelt, the clothes will not rub.
When not in use, use in the back of car seat and tie it around and put it in the pocket and it is convenient.
Small country “I thought that waist straps were obstructing at first, because I am not good at the bowknot.”
“But you can keep it in a pocket like this, so do not cut the strings right!”
By the way, the string is half knot at the back, tie or untie is so funny!

Staff small country planning gardening and noodle experience as well. (It is free, is not it?)
I realized that you can use plenty of various scenes with Happy Smavib apron!
Waist strap perfect for chubby type is 5 L size with 102 cm each side.
Everyone please try using the bib apron conveniently!

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