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Easy to clean slacks of maintenance

We would like to introduce about cleaning the slacks this time!
Slacks are especially easy to be wrinkled or dirty, sitting on a chair and walking.
Even my own troubles will leave you on a sofa or rack hanging with a pawn …
However, if you try it you can do it unexpectedly easily, so I hope you remember it!


Let’s have a day slacks brushing, take dust, and arrange the coat of the fabric.

1. Before brushing

Take out all contents of the pocket and remove the belt. Where it is wet with rain etc, hang it in a well-ventilated place and let it dry naturally.

2. Gently brushing

Brush lightly so as to pay dust and dirt along the cloth. It’s better to put your emphasis downwards from the knees.

Put on a hanger

Let’s make sure to hanger it after brushing. When it hangs on a hanger it emits moisture which it sucked up, and wrinkles are extended and the form is restored.

1. Take a rest for a while

Since it is absorbing moisture after wearing, it is better to avoid storing immediately.

2. Sitting on a hanger

Place the hem down on a dedicated clip-type hanger and stretch wrinkles with the weight of the pants themselves. If you fold it into a triangle hanger, it is a good idea to place a paper between the pants and the hanger.

Iron it if wrinkles remain

If wrinkles remain even if you let it rest on a hanger, check the handling display and iron it at the appropriate temperature. ※ The cloth is warmed and medium temperature (140 ~ 160C) is the basis.

1. Preparation before ironing

Turn the whole inside out, give it a moderate dampness by spraying, and do a cloth.

2. Ironing

  1. Place seams and pockets.
  2. After turning around the waist, roll the bath towel and put it inside, finish it.
  3. Align the seams from the hem to the crotch and iron along the seams.

3. Shade over a hanger

How was it?
I became able to wear slacks with the refreshing feeling after I started doing it myself.
As long as you take care and care a little, you can keep good condition and you can wear it for a long time
Please try once!

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