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Trousers of winkle reduction difficulty…Easy solution! Take pants wrinkle

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We receive any kinds of opinion from our customer.
Here is one of them which is a little trouble from our customer.
We will show you the method of solution about it.

Q. Please tell me how to take care of clothes, such as how to take wrinkles such as trousers.

A. A question from the customer who read MID e-NEWS.
Thank you!

It is difficulty to remove wrinkles on pants.
It takes time, and preparing an iron is also a big deal.
This time will introduce some ways to easily take trouser wrinkles without using irons ♪

1. Spray on clothes with water and hang them on a hanger and dry

Lightly spray water on the wrinkled pants with a spray.
Then dry it for about 30 minutes to 1 hour while hanging on the hanger.
If it hangs too much on the hanger, the trace may come out sharply due to the weight of the clothes, so it is good to use a stretch hanger etc.
By the way, it is careful to sprinkle water and spray too much.
It becomes difficult to dry depending on the fabric it will become stained.
In addition, commercially available wrinkle removing spray and mist can also be expected.
Spray and mist may not be used depending on the fabric of the trousers, so after using the method of use sufficiently, please use.

2. Take wrinkles in the bath

It is good to open the cover of the bathtub with hot water just a little and hang it with a hanger etc. at the top.
If it is too much steam it will be damp, so if get wrinkles it is a point to move it indoors.
It is OK even if squeeze the towel soaked in hot water well and apply it to the wrinkle part.

3. Use washing net for pants when washing

The cause of wrinkles is when it is dehydrated while being tangled at washing time or when it is dried without stretching wrinkles, so washing in the net to prevent entanglement,
It is important to stretch and dry firmly when hanging.

Although it is a simple method, it becomes easy to get wrinkles.
Also, the trick that does not make wrinkles is not to wear the same trousers for continuously two days.
This is the same for suits as well as trousers, but can take clothes for a day and get wrinkles and make clothes last longer.

How about such method?
Please try to do it if you are interested in our blog!

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