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Why does chlorine burn of bathing suit occur. What is the proper care method.


The other day, the customer gave me a question saying, “”Is chlorine scorching of swimsuits terrible, is swimsuit like this?””

This is not other people’s affairs! To investigate at once!

Because sometimes was an instructor at the pool during my school days, had the same trouble so was able to sympathize very much. (Nostalgic···)

Swimming was swimming in the pool three or four times a week, but the swimwear rose after about a year.

Perhaps because of “”chlorine”” contained in the pool, I think that the fabric has been damaged. After swimming, your hair will also become a stink, do not you?

Why are swimsuits vulnerable to chlorine though swimsuits are made to swim? What? I felt doubt and remembered that I bought a swimsuit.

If are investigating the question you received this time, understand the cause of chlorine scorch.

Swimwear is made of highly stretchy material to fit the body.
However, the material called “”polyurethane”” that makes you feel stretch was the culprit that causes chlorine scorch!

What is stretch material “”polyurethane””

Polyurethane is used to fit the body moderately and make it easy to swim.

Although it is a polyurethane that improves comfort, there was a weak point.

It is weak against heat, ultraviolet rays, direct sunlight, chlorine, and deteriorates little by little when it is affected for a long period.
Therefore it seems that swimsuit’s lifespan is said to be about one year.

If do not clean properly, it will deteriorate less than a year …. (Swimming suit for swimming is quite expensive so it does not have one year is too sad.)


How do you treat swimsuits you wear?
Do squeeze lightly and put it in a bag and take it home, or dry it as it is on the veranda? Sorry, this may not have a year.

Introduce 3 steps of how to care for long-lasting.

Step 1: Wash with water immediately after wearing

Because the concentration of chlorine in the pool is quite high, it places a burden on the swimwear. After washing home it is good to wash! As you tend to think, to wash away the chlorine soaked in the swimsuit Let’s rinse with “”immediately”” after use!

Please wash with hot water instead of hot water because it is vulnerable to heat. Also do not forget to wash your swimwear as it is weak against salt contained in seawater when you go to the sea bath.

Step 2: Wash with detergent

Hanging swimsuits immediately brought back is a cause of shortening the life span. Let’s wash gently with mild detergent. When using a washing machine it is recommended to use a weak flow hand washing course or dry course.

Dehydration dries quickly so it’s OK in tens of seconds.


Step 3: Drying in the shade or indoor

It is a place want to dry with direct sunlight, but swimsuits are susceptible to direct sunlight and ultraviolet rays, so let’s dry them in the shade or in the shade.


Even if make a mistake it is NG to get in the dryer. It hurts with heat.

Not only swimwear but also the swim cap often uses the same material, so it will deteriorate over time.

Please care softly and we hope you use it long time with such care method.

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