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Not only for summer heat fatigue but also for diet effective ingredients tofu is!

Hello! It is suddenly hot and the moat tastes summer fresh even early.
When the heat increases, do nt want to eat cold foods? If saying of cold food is as ice cream and sorbet, but you cannot eat it as expected.
If saying of cold food, we want to recommend in the dining table….. how about cold tofu?
It is coolly cold, it can be deliciously eaten even if there is no appetite by the heat.
Good for digestion, it is a menu that we would like to recommend to those who weak gastrointestinal conditions in summer bates.
Tofu is said to be the flesh of the earth because of so nutritious and low calorie and that is also effective for dieting.
By the way, even if you say tofu, there are many kinds of categories.
Among them, you often see silken tofu and firm tofu on the supermarket, isn’t it?
What is the difference between these two kinds of tofu?

Difference between silken tofu and firm tofu

At first sight it looks the same but there are differences in taste and nutrients.

Difference in manufacturing process

Do you make silk using silk?! Imagine that.
Actually, in making tofu there is a process to set it in a mold box.
Firm tofu puts cloth on a container, puts coagulum as a raw material of tofu from above, pressurizes from above with pressure and presses moisture to harden it.
For that reason it is characterized by its strong taste and difficult to crumble.
In the case of silken tofu, do not lay cloth when putting it in a mold box, soft and smooth tofu is finished because of pressure is not pressed. . Therefore, it is often used as cold tofu.

Difference in nutritional aspects

Since firm tofu reduces moisture by applying pressure and compressed nutrition so that more protein, calcium and iron than silken tofu.
On the other hand, silken tofu contains more vitamin B1, B2, potassium than firm tofu which flows along with moisture.
Because nutrition and texture are different, I want to use properly according to the cuisine!

Cooking methods making full use of features

Because firm tofu is difficult to crumble, it is suitable for fried, baked, stewed, fried dishes.
Tsurutsu smooth silken tofu is recommended for cold tofu, miso soup, and soup!
Firm tofu is easy to use as main dish, silken tofu as side dish and soup.


Since cold tofu reduces the heat of the body, it seems that it has often been eaten in the hot summer from a long time ago.
It is wisdom of aged people!
Just eating too much will cause the body to get too cold and the metabolism will get worse.
Therefore it is good to eat with condiments such as green onion and ginger which will improve metabolism!
Exactly as stated, it has effect like medicine. Onions contain abundant vitamins A and C. Ginger has an effect of promoting gastrointestinal work and improving appetite and relaxing the body.
If you are inside the cooler your body gets heavy or easy to become the stiff shoulder so it’s definitely going to be one item that is indispensable for the coming season!
Although it is good to buy tofu at the supermarket, it is fun to make tofu from 1 with soybeans and soy milk!
In that way, I Hori, becomes like tofu, and took a challenge to make firm tofu from soybeans.
The appearance is bad, but the taste was delicious (lol)