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Manly, it seems to me! The ginger tube diet? !

Speaking of ginger diet, it is a theme that is often taken up on television and in magazines!


By ingesting the so-called “lentin ginger” that warms the ginger over the range, it is exceptional in diet effect while warming the body.

Diet to reduce diet is a painful thing, but it seems to be okay if it is a diet to add to the meal!

However, because there are many girls as monitors,
Ginger diet = young girls
Maybe it feels like the image is a bit strong?

If so, though.

I was a little uneasy if I was told that “Is it a ginger diet?

Even if it is made small neta in company, something, surely mental is broken.

Put the ginger in the tea and have it delicious ♪
It is impossible …impossible …impossible for a man like a method like it.

Therefore, this time, I thought about ginger diet which has both easy handiness to carry a ginger tube and masculinity.

Preparation before practice

※ For those who do not need it, please go to the next section 2 (lol)

Let ‘s make a safe appeal to people around you.
“I am addicted to the feeling of ginger gourd.”
Let’s say it is natural to meals scenes etc.

It is ants to appeal ginger salad that you like to deliciously eat ginger ale.
Besides, there are keywords to make reasons for eating ginger. Please try it as a prefill.

Masculine ginger’s description:
Taste pungent refreshing Exciting I want to suppress sweetness Clearly spirit feeling

Become a feminine person? Description of ginger:
Improvement in coldness Warm hearted diet Fashionable

How to take a manly ginger tube…

It is more and more practice.


It is delicious when used for such a menu, and somehow masculine spice is also added.


  • Butter toast + ginger tube (+ honey or sugar)
  • Grilled fish + ginger tube
  • Tofu and natto + ginger tube
  • White water + ginger tube
  • White rice + ginger tube + soy sauce


  • Pork ginger baked set meal + expelling ginger tube
  • Curry rice + ginger tube (on the side of the curry roux)
  • Hot milk tea + ginger tube
  • Sheepskin, buns head + ginger tube (Wagon tube is OK for Japanese sweets in general)
  • Udon + ginger tube


  • Steak, hamburger + ginger tube
  • Skewers overall + ginger tube
  • Cream stew + ginger tube
  • Beef bowl + ginger tube
  • BBQ + ginger tube
  • Boiled fish + ginger tube

Surprisingly the ginger tube fits a variety of dishes.
It’s delicious to eat chocolate and ginger tubes warmed and melted in marshmallows and eat it.
The mid-staff who used the ginger tube to improve the coldness seems to have lost 4 kilos in 2 months when I noticed it.

It is a diet that does not change the style of meal, so please try it by all means ♪

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