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Actually diet has plum wine!? Fat burning citric acid effect of plum.

This season when the hot weather gradually increases will make the cold drink delicious.
The drinking ranking that men want to drink from early summer to summer,

  1. Draft beer
  2. Highball
  3. Sour


It is a taste that everything has been thrilled well with a throat.
But, beer too much is a place to worry about carbohydrates and purines.
Speaking of liquor that is hard to gain weight,

  • Whiskey
  • wine
  • vodka

However, since none of them are quite habit with alcohol, it will match the mouth, but it will be divided.
Recently plum wine has been attracting attention as sake with a high diet effect.

Diet effect of plum wine 1: Abundance of citric acid that the amount of fat burning up is abundant

plum wine
Citric acid which is rich in plum wine has the effect of decomposing lactic acid and it is said that fatigue recovery effect is high.
It is said that lactic acid accumulates when citric acid is not well inside the body, becoming easy to become tired or thin.
On the contrary, when citric acid skims through the body, metabolism rises and we can expect to expand the amount of fat burning.

Diet effect of plum wine 2: The relaxation effect increases and it pleasant sleep

Mellow fragrance drifting plum wine. The origin of the fragrance is called “benzaldehyde”. A pleasant smell enhances the relaxing effect. If you smell more fragrance recommend hot water splitting of plum wine.
Alcohol and the fragrance of plum are matched, blood circulation improves and mind and body can relax. People are more likely to get a deep sleep when relaxing, and calorie expenditure also increases by sleeping.
However, if you drink too much, your nerves will get excited, so weak one cup is adequate.

Diet effect of plum wine 3: Devices to reduce sugar with handmade plum wine

The rainy season when plum fruit ripens is handmade plum wine season. It is difficult to control sugar if it is ordinary sake, but if you make plum wine you can adjust the amount of sugar to a large extent.
Also, when you actually drink, you can reduce sugar by diluting with water or hot water and drinking.

Plum wine in recent year diet effect is attracting attention as a drink that can be expected.
However, since sugar mass for plum wine 100 ml is considerably high, 20 g, it is not recommended to drink in large quantities. It is good to have a good diet effect by dividing by something or ingesting an appropriate amount.

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