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Maybe that backache is due to the swelling of belly? Low back pain improved in the stretch!

The body of the center of gravity line drawn happen back pain by (ear, shoulder, hip joint, knee, ankle and Tiered vertical line) is displaced.

body stretch

Not only bad attitude of our daily life but also hunger plains can make you feel worst in the belly. Your body can move into a bad position unconsciously without you realizing. Leaving plain that starts to frequently appeared even mild symptoms, also affect the work during the day.
The main cause of such low back pain surprisingly is the weakening of the abdominal muscles.
Is it abdominal muscle although it is low back pain? When the muscle of the stomach failed to be supported the stomach, it could cause distortions in the center of gravity line in the weight of the stomach.
In order to improve such a distortion and low back pain, there are stretches that can help the painful areas.
Stretching not only has the effect of softening the body, it also has the effect of correcting the distortion of the waist and improving the movement of the joint.
But it’s hard to keep stretching every day…
So today here are two stretches that can be made while sleeping in a short time.

Upper body warped gymnastics

1. Stand to support the weight of both elbows in the state of prone.

At this time, you can keep your lower body under force.


2 Extend both arms from that state and support the upper body


3 Maintain 2 state for 2 seconds and repeat 10 sets

This stretch is also called Mackenzie exercise.
It is guided by many orthopedic surgeons and the body of physiotherapists, and it is said to be effective not only to back pain but also to improving back stoop.
However, when you feel pain in the abdomen, please stop it immediately

Both knees and gym

1.Hold both knees with your hands while lying on your back


2.1Keep state for 10 seconds and repeat 10 sets

By repeating this method, the range of motion of the hip joint and pelvis is expanded, and low back pain is alleviated.
At first it can relieve chronically following low back pain by continuing without difficulty.
If you have severe low back pain, it is best to have you consult at the hospital, but more pain will also be resolved by continuing even before sleeping.
Yoga is not limited to stretching and is also considered effective for low back pain.
Yoga not only relaxes the muscles but also has the effect of preparing the trunk and stabilizing the spirit by the breathing method.
it’s good to recognize pain of the hip, people who worry about pain are just trying to workout how to fix the pain and please try to take advantage to us this time to practice introduce the method will lower back pain improvement.

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