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Why is not your body constitution? No, because I think that “I do not have to lose weight”

Hello! This is MID International.

There are many people all over the world who can not succeed in dieting while challenging diet.
What is the reason we can not succeed?


We often hear the word “hard to lose weight” from the old days.
“Because I’m hard to lose weight, we do not get much weight when exercising” we guess.

Although it says straight, there is no constitution that makes it hard to lose weight.
We think there is obviously “a constitution that is hard to overweight (a constitution not to get fat even if you eat)”, but is not a constitution that is hard to lose weight.

People who can not lose weight because they are on a diet are not hard to lose weight, because they are acting harder to lose weight.
After all, we think that somewhere in my heart “We do not have to lose weight.”

You do not have to lose weight.

We also honestly think that “we do not have to lose weight.”
Rather, we think that can be fat.
If we do not think so, we will not do my current job (laugh)

Since MID advocates “big = cool”, we are working to make you feel proud that you are proud of being fat as an identity.

Especially in the case of men, there are many ways to change fat to positive.
There are as many cool and cool people as possible.

Reason why you can not lose weight to lose weight

So, with this premise, why will not succeed in dieting?
Why can not you lose weight?

People who do not succeed in dieting or those who do not succeed in body remodeling are still obviously under-exercised, insufficient in muscle training, diet limited.
It is not because of constitution.

We think that one who has diet experience understands, calorie consumption by exercise is smaller than you imagined.

“Even though we exercised so much, have you only consumed the calories for half a meal of rice? Is not it a bite to eat meals?”

There are many people who have thought of such a thing.
Consumption is serious, ingestion is instantaneous.

The diet’s mechanism is simpler than ever

As many people know the basic mechanism of dieting,

Calorie intake < Calories consumed You only have to continue this. Many people who are "self-contained and difficult to lose weight" simply have this inequality in the opposite direction. There is no way we can lose weight. For example, a person who is interested in exercising once a week for an hour. Is not there such a lot in the direction of the gym? Such consumption calories will be over calorie intake if you eat one potato chips once a week. It is only that we do not make the simple formulas above due to this weak behavior. If you want to succeed in dieting, it is inevitable to control the calorie intake.

But, we continue to eat because of no self-control

However, if you reduce the caloric intake and make the above sign of inequality, fat will decrease but muscle will decrease together.
Since basal metabolism decreases if the muscle decreases, it becomes easy to lead to the rebound later.

Also, if you reduce too much calorie at fasting level, you may have a bad physical condition or a life threatening crisis.

After all, the best diet is to continue the condition to make the inequality sign above long term.
Because diet that you do at a stroke has many disadvantages, you should work on a half year, one year span.

And what matters is the control of the calorie intake.
Calories burned can not be increased so easily.

However, those who are “self-nominally difficult to lose weight” can not control the calorie intake in a half year span.
After all, we are eating it somewhere else.
This is said to be hard to lose weight.

Is not it okay to affirm?

After all, we think that somewhere in my heart “I do not have to lose weight.”
If you know that if you can not lose weight you surely die after one year, many people will succeed in dieting.
We do not want to die.

In this case, we think that it is better to affirm “we do not have to lose weight” at the bottom of my heart, rather than accumulating stress well.
As you also mentioned at the beginning, you do not have to lose weight separately.

Positively thinking that the body is big, live a life that suits you.
We think there are various merits and disadvantages, but we think that one thing to make such a choice is also one.

You can change yourself or admit yourself.
We think that you can choose it yourself.