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Diet, muscle training at the time of daily measurement is good with body weight and body fat percentage?

When doing diet and muscle training, I think that there are many people who record “the results of daily measurement”.
The reason is that motivation can not be maintained without seeing changes in some kind of change.

Diet and muscle training are still hard and need to continue, so I think that it is a good way to motivate something.

At that time, it is “weight” used by many people, I think that in recent years “body fat percentage”.

I am also using a scale with a body fat measurement function and I measure it on a daily basis.
It is convenient to measure visceral fat, skeletal muscle percentage, basal metabolism or something too.

However, I think that you can actually understand those who have experienced diet, but weight and body fat change day by day, I wonder if it is really decreasing or not.
Especially the change in body fat percentage is uneven.

If I thought of “being smooth” by 2 kilometers in the first 3 days, I will return to the starting number in a week.
In addition, I worked hard and continued for two weeks, but I do not know if the numbers are moving daily and steadily decreasing.

There are quite a few people who dislike getting out of diet and muscle training.

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Not wavers between hope and fear in body weight and body fat percentage

There are two things I want to tell those who have experienced like this.

One thing is that weight changes constantly by about 2 km due to meals and breathing (amount of moisture in the body) and excretion.
The other is that the figure of body fat (including basal metabolism, skeletal muscle percentage etc) of the body fat meter is not very reliable.

If you understand these two points, you can see that you can tackle diet and muscle training in the long run, and measure other methods.

About weight

First about weight.

After exercise you will have drunk 500 ml of sports drink at a stroke.
I was drinking about 1.5 liters at once after my club activities in junior high school.

So, although we talk about obviously, the weight of 1 liter of water is 1 kilo.
It is natural that it is a unit because the weight of 1 liter of water is defined as 1 kg.

In other words, if you swallow a 1.5 liter sports drink, your weight gained 1.5 kilos at the very least.
To the extent included strictly minerals and so on, it will be slightly more (error range).
The weight changes dramatically with just this action.

On the other hand, if you lose 2 kg per month, it is considerable if you can lose weight with a normal diet.
Because we lose 12 kilos in half a year.
It can be said that it is a rather severe diet.

Even with such a tough diet, if you divide the 2 kg reduction per month by 30 days, only 67 g is reduced to one day.
It is less than the weight of the cup’s water.

Daily errors are large

As you already know, the figure of weight that increases and decreases with diet and muscle training is quite small compared to the error of daily living.
Error is not level of error.

So, the weight that will decrease with the daily record, just happened to be the one with better error.
We do not lose weight so easily.

Measurement of weight at diet is just about once a week.
Still it will be swayed by error.
The amount of limit level that can be reduced to one month is almost the same as the amount that changes with error on one day.

However, if you continue dieting on a semi-annual level, you can see that it will gradually decrease again.
Although it goes up and down due to the error, it will complete a graph with a sharp downward slope.

About body fat percentage

One body fat percentage.
This is a simple story, there is a problem that it can not be measured accurately.

For example, I think that many of the body fat percentages are measured by standing, but once measuring the body fat percentage, please measure with a crouch.
I think you can see outliers.

Also, once measure it, please take a lot of moisture and try again.
I think that we can see the change here as well.

Basically, the body fat meter flows a weak current in the body, measures the bounce and derives the numerical value.
Although it is possible to measure body fat percentage simply by this, it is only a numerical value of a standard to the last, is not it?

To this we get daily errors as well as weight, so to be honest we can not rely too much.
As with weight, if it is about 6 months of diet, you can see a decreasing trend, but it will be a graph where the error is above and below the body weight.

So it is better not to feel unhappy with body fat figures.
You should not be allowed to put on the strategy of the body fat meter maker (laugh)

Comprehensive view including other changes

“I know that the weight and body fat errors are large and it will not be ate. So what shall I do?”

Although there is no clear answer here, I think that it is better to see comprehensively from every direction.
Specifically, you can check the change in the following places.

  • Take photographs of stomach around the week
  • Measure numerical values such as stomach circumference and thigh by major measure
  • In the case of muscle training, weight and number of loads etc. (It became possible 10 times at 20 kilometers, etc.)
  • In the case of a diet, you can walk, distance and time you can jog

Although it tends to be bound by body weight and body fat percentage which is easy to measure easily, there are various things that can confirm changes in addition.
However, since none of them can understand the change every day, I think that it is good to refer various indicators in the long term, including weight and body fat percentage.

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