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How to Walk with Proper Form for Big & Tall Men


As summer heats up, many of us find ourselves spending more time outside and enjoying the sunshine. Summer is also when we decide to become more active in order to stay healthy, keep fit, or lose a few pounds.

For bigger guys who aren’t usually into sports or exercise the thought of getting active can be daunting, but one of the best ways to keep fit is something we do already everyday — walking!

However, it’s important to know the right way to walk and maintain correct posture in order to avoid straining any parts of your body and causing injury.

How to Detect Common Posture Problems

Before you even take your first step, you should check your overall posture in front of a mirror by standing sideways in front of it.


If you’re an office worker or spend a lot of time hunched over your smartphone or tablet you may be a victim of a stooped back, where your upper back, neck, and head are curved and you often find your chin jutting forward.

How to Correct Stooping

Stooping can be helped by consciously keeping your back aligned and eyes looking straight ahead. You should also be aware of the level of your chin, which like the eyes should be aligned as straight as possible.

Is Your Body Leaning Backwards?


Guys with larger stomachs often have a tendency to lean their upper backs backwards in order to support their weight. In doing so, this places tension on the lower back and increases the risk of slipping a disk.

How to Correct the Backwards Lean

You may find that slightly contracting your stomach muscles will aid in supporting the lower back and in turn help you consciously keep a straighter posture.

How to Improve Your Posture


1.Pull in Your Chin
Be aware of the level of your chin: if you often find yourself looking downwards while walking, consciously pull and hold your head back, straight, and level.

2. Stretch Your Spine
Imagine you are being held up by a strong rope that is pulling you upright while you stretch slightly. This visualization will help you with stretching out your epigastrium, or the area of your back between the chest and stomach.

3. Look Straight Ahead
While walking, it is recommended to look around 10–15 meters (30–50 feet) ahead of you. By following steps 1 and 2, you will increase the efficiency of the exercise by reducing the burden on your knees and waist. Your arms should also swing back and forth with your elbows as perpendicular as possible.

How to Walk Correctly (and How Not to)

Bad: Excessive Weight on the Heel


As demonstrated in the picture above, you should avoid walking in such a way that each foot comes down directly on the heel with toes bent upwards, as this creates a weight imbalance along the calf and into the knee, due to the constant amount of stress.

Good: Even Weight Across the Foot

Placing each foot on the ground with an even distribution of weight, and lifting without curling the toes, helps to reduce the stress placed on the calves and knees.

1. When the heel touches the ground, feel the middle of your foot and toes touch the ground so that there is an even balance.
2. Consciously bend your knees slightly higher than usual as you move. As the knees bend naturally, the impact of the feet touching the ground softens.
3. When the entire sole of one foot lands on the ground, the calf stretches while the calf of the opposite leg loosens. Alternating between legs in this way helps to improve blood circulation and avoid pulling any muscles.

More Walking Tips

Be Aware of Your Breathing

When the heel touches the ground, let’s move the weight by grounding the three toes of the toes and toes.
Upon landing to grip the ground with the toes can correct walking balanced.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Hard at First

Naturally, exercising brings with it issues such as excessive sweat and the possibility of injury. Here at MID we offer a number of big and tall sportswear and exercise support accessories such as quick-drying sweatshirts, knee support straps, and more. Below are five MID staff picks for big and tall guys looking to get started with a walking workout?

Wear the Correct Clothing

When the entire sole is in the state attached to the ground, the calf stretches.
When the entire sole of one foot lands, if you calibrate the calf of the foot on the opposite kicking side to be fluffy, the tension and looseness are alternately repeated and blood flow improves.
If you walk as long as possible with the entire sole on the ground as long as possible, the calves and butt will also be trained.

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