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Beer, meat and sweets! Eat a lot of stomach and OK sugar diet!

If it is a diet that can lose weight by eating delicious foods full of stomach, we can do it too.
Looking for it while saying that there is not it, the hint closely resembles the “blue bird of happiness” of the fairy tale.
It was in the feature page of Mid.
Special Feature: Mid’s Carbohydrate Limited Diet

What is limited sugar diet?

It is a diet that consumes fat accumulated in the body by eating a meal with sugar. Calorie restricted diet tends to reduce the amount of meals and tend to lack the necessary nutrients for the body.
Diet for sugar diet is also OK with eating out if you refrain even sugar, there is no limit on diet.
There is no need for troublesome calorie calculation, mayonnaise which tends to be an enemy of diet, and fried from okay.
The specific rule is like this.

Rule of carbohydrate diet.

.Refrain from carbohydrates, reduce the sugar.
You had better eat meat. (Hamburger steak also fried OK)
Make less seasoning with high carbohydrates like sauce, grilled meat, mirin, sugar.
Mayonnaise, soy sauce, salt pepper recommended. (Calorie half mayonnaise has a lot of sugar.
Choose alcoholic beer, wine, whiskey rock, shochu rock for liquor
Desserts to snack rather than a meal.
Order of meals, vegetables → meat · fish → rice · noodles

High sugar food:
Rice, noodles, bread, kinpira, meat and potatoes, fruits, root vegetables, curry roux, powder (pizza takoyaki okonomiyaki), mayonnaise and non-oily dressings of calorie half (higher sugar than normal type)
Low carbohydrate food:
Eggs · fish eggs, all meat, all fish, nuts, cheese, butter, bran (brand) bread, tofu, sugary jelly, yoghurt, green salad, oden, avocado, soy products, mushrooms, sausages.
Approximate carbohydrate intake is about 80 g / day.
For example, a cup of tea (about 150 g) contains carbohydrates of 55 to 60 g of carbohydrates.
30 g of carbohydrates at 100 g of sweet potatoes (weight of two eggs), 60 g of carbohydrates with one tie baked.
Pasta (dried noodle 80 g) is sugar 60 g even without sauce.
Of course, it includes carbohydrates such as deep-fried clothing and gratin sauce, the recommended daily intake is 80 g.
Even if you decide to staple main dishes such as rice and noodles, you can tell that it tends to consume carbohydrates and carbohydrates unexpectedly.
Let’s eat a lot of meat and fish as much as possible.
Cow, pork, chicken are all low sugar contents, even in the case of 100 g of sirloin, the carbohydrate is 0.3 g.
If it is 100 grams of sanma 0.1 g sugar.
Since it is less than 1 / 100th of the same amount of sweet potato, it can be eaten with confidence.
By the way, if the sugar mass in there about buying food “Nutrition Facts” is not on, – it is “carbohydrate dietary fiber = sugar mass”. .
I tried it for about three weeks, but the result was a total of -4.4 kg, around the stomach – 6 cm!
It seems easy to get effects from your stomach.
As an example, I ate a menu like this for my belly.
limited sugar diet
limited sugar diet
limited sugar diet

I also ate and ate also fat!
But what I have kept in mind is this.

  • Replacing the staple food except eating out with tofu or vegetables!
  • The date of gluttony carbohydrate, it was adjusted in the next meal!

Carbo-restricted food can be bought at convenience stores!

Easily accessible at convenience stores and supermarkets, sugar-free noodles and salad chicken had volumes, it was very delicious!
With almost no self-cooking, I was thinned by merely utilizing carbohydrate restricted food ♪
There are lots of sugar-restricted breads in convenience store Lawson.
Something pancakes carbohydrate restriction, quite delicious as well as Suites!
It seems to be a selling point? I did not get it every day, but I found it when I found it (laugh)
Just eat delicious select the type only of carbohydrate restriction diet.
Since refrain from carbohydrates, decreases of course the blood glucose level.
If you are interested in dieting, trying 3 days first ♪
By the way, it is easier for people who finish early in the evening meal to have effects!

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