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Vinegar diet does more than just reduce visceral fat. If that chubby body needs a health kick. Take 1 teaspoon per day and you’ll be able to take the day.

It is said that subcutaneous fat is easy for women to attach, but it seems that visceral fat is a constitution that makes it easier for men to attach.
It is said that when visceral fat increases, it is said that we fear diseases of chubby type – that is, hypertension, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, heart attack and cerebral infarction.
First of all for one with a big body, one of the big reasons I want to diet is for health.
Weight loss to polish looks is also attractive, but this time for health!
We would like to think about a diet that reduces visceral fat using vinegar.

What is vinegar diet?

If losing weight is what you want. Incorporating vinegar into your usual diet can help.
Just take 15~30 ml (1 to 2 tablespoons vinegar) on a day, ingest it!

It does not mean that body weight does not fall like exercise diet, but we can expect to improve visceral fat burning and constitution itself.
Vinegar is used for cooking all around the world, and it is said that it is good for the body from long ago.
And the vinegar diet that made use of this organic acid is a wonderful chubby effect ♪

Effective chubby body type! Effectiveness of vinegar

Vinegar has such a representative effect.

  • Swelling improving
  • Fatigue recovery
  • Improve blood flow and metabolism
  • Constipation resolution
  • Become thin body (fat decomposition, fat burning, fat is difficult to attach)
  • Relaxing rise in blood glucose levels
  • Reduce bad cholesterol
  • Anti-aging

Because a chubby body is all that you want to improve!
It is great about the trouble we have!
The reason is that vinegar contains more than 60 organic acids.
For example: citric acid. It has a function to convert fat in the body into energy.
If it is an amino acid, it helps the decomposition of fat and has the effect of enhancing fat burning effect during exercise. The effect of converting fat in the body into energy can be simple. You need to preparing the intestinal environment, discharging extra water and waste products in the body due to the diuretic effect.
Increase the circulation and metabolism of blood, leading to beautiful skin effect and improving coldness.
Besides reducing visceral fat, it is full of benefits to us in a chubby body!
It cannot be impossible to incorporate this!

How to taking in vinegar

We incorporate 15 to 30 ml (1 to 2 tablespoons) of vinegar per day. That’s all!
Even if you ingest little by little during the day, you can eat it at once after supper.
Because I have a stomachache when I am hungry, I recommend you to add to the meal, or divide vinegar with water or carbonated drink after dinner to drink. Aoki likes to eat vinegar, such as dumplings and fried chicken fried eggs. It’s delicious and refreshing.
By the way, on the day we ate sushi alone, I fully ingested the amount of vinegar around the day.

How to choose vinegar

Any vinegar is OK. Please try properly using on your preference ♪ ♪
◎ For drinking: black vinegar, scented vinegar, fruit vinegar
If you are new, you can drink fresh and tasty apple vinegar and blueberry vinegar. It is also recommended to add it to salad dressing.
Black vinegar is also popular with mellow flavor. Black vinegar contains plenty of amino acids.
Let’s dilute with water or carbonated water so as not to hurt your stomach.
◎ For meals: grain vinegar, rice vinegar
When used together with other seasonings, you can enjoy complicated umami and acidity. Of course it is enough for mushrooms and marinades of meat, but it is enough to just feed on prepared foods like fried foods and yakitori.
If you cook rice vinegar mixed with sushi vinegar in white rice, you can use it deliciously for lunch and lunch at noon.

rice vineger

Incidentally, even if you increase the intake of vinegar, the efficacy will not be raised separately (laugh).
As a rough estimate of 15 to 30 ml per day, please take in every day well!