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Jericho player attacked Naito player at 5.4! Summary to enjoy the two games in June

It is wrestling favorite writer of katsuie.com.

This year’s “Wrestling Denton”, the game on May 4th was a hot topic.
Last time I wrote about Tanahashi player and Okada player IWGP, but I will tell you about another topic, the incident suddenly attacked Naito Chris Jericho.

After the game of Los-Ingo and Suzuki-gun on May 4th, the raid incident was.
Jericho player who attacked the back of the head of Naito player at Gong.
Naito was surprised when it was full of blood. .
From this raid, we decided to play the game by betting the belt of the intercontinental at the Osaka Games in June.

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When I saw this, I thought “Why Jericho?”, but the battle was in 1.4 this year.
This year’s 1.4 is the “Double main” game where IWGP heavyweight champion and IWGP’s US throne’s belt were betted.
“Although it says double main, real is handled semi-final, I know because I experienced 4 years ago, but on the other hand, Okada VS Naito’s undercard” and Naito seems to see two games fighting in the US heavy down I was commenting.

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Jericho is a superstar of WWE, heel wrestler of popularity.
Speaking of “Undercard” toward such global wrestler, it will be a grudge.
In addition to wrestling, Jericho is active in many fields including acting as an actor, moderator of a quiz show, acting as a vocal of the heavy metal band “FOZZY”.
Did you withdraw from WWE from around 2009? Although it had become the atmosphere of, it is reviving the electric shock in 2014.

Sometimes I was playing in Japan, I talked fluently in Japanese and I could read professional wrestling magazines.
A bit similar to Naito, at first, it was “a baby face that does not pack sweet masks”, but it is the point where you establish popularity by establishing a character called your own heel wrestler on the way.

Actually, Jericho player seems to be superior in terms of planning, and he is a masterpiece of WWE’s biggest event “WrestleMania”, “Money in the Bank · Ladder Match”.

This game is played by six wrestlers hanging on the ceiling hanging at attaches case, but this attaches case features a title entitled “WWE World Heavyweight Championship” that can be challenged.
Because it is hung at a high place, WWE can also enjoy a familiar ladder match Pulling your feet, attacking with ladders and how to use depends on the expertise of the players.

Regardless of Jericho player’s involvement this time, Naito player said “I do not know that Jericho is a famous wrestler worldwide. That such famous he showed my worth with this raid I want to raise the score of 100 points, but I did a comment like “I do not think that the new day is my home and I can return nothing with damage”.

It is a pleasure to see what kind of game the WWE superstar and Naito players will show.
There is also IWEGP fight between Kenny Omega and Okada player in June.
Expanding the range of imagination up to these four will make you more interesting.

It is how to enjoy wrestling fans to make various predictions.
Personally I was in a very satisfying match that I left good materials.
“Fire pro wrestling world Presents BEST OF THE SUPER Jr.25” will be held from 18th, and the topic will not be attached.

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