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Sign of Tanahashi player! Coffee Shop Nayuta of Ogaki City management by relatives of Tanahashi player

It is wrestling favorite writer of katsuie.com.
This time, it is a story that the relatives of Tanahashi player had been management a coffee shop that happened to enter.
That shop is Coffee Shop Nayuta located in Ogaki city.
Gifu prefecture is just back of Ogaki soft peer Japan knows anyone.

There can have specialty coffee and French toast which baked with copper plate of special order or pancake.

It’s simple, but with a desk and table stuck one by one, it is a very comfortable shop.
If you order a cup of black tea, you can have it out with a colorful iron kettle.

Since it was a perfect strike feeling, if you walked inside the round-store, finally found a sign of Tanahashi player!!

Why smartly coffee shop is relation with pro-wrestling!?
When I talked to the shop strangely, the owner came out and taught that “Actually, I am a relative”.
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Owner with a poster of performance of Gifu City

Poster performance of Tanahashi player`s size, it was extreme surprised.
When I saw the instagram of the shop, it seems that Tanahashi player gifted flowers for opening celebration. Tanahashi, is an extreme nice man.

I was talking with the owner, and I was told that Tanahashi player was from a local town and he was very proud to be a new day’s ace.
Also, recommended for sweets such as French toast and pancakes, even Makabe player said “I’d like to visit here again and want to have it again”.
By the way, a wrestler from Gifu city hometown where located MID’s office, is Yoshitatsu player of Moto・Shin Nichi who was also participating in WWE.
Although the name is similar to YOSHI – HASHI player, YOSHI – HASHI player is from Toyohashi city, Aichi hometown.
In Gifu-born wrestler, Hashimoto Shinya players fighting spirit Three Musketeers, Ikuhisa Minowa player, is Dragon gate stoker Ichikawa is famous. Actually, when we go to Aichi, there are many famous players such as Okada players.
Because secret Kenmin SHOW also appeared Tanahashi players from Gifu Prefecture, I think that it is no longer a representative of Gifu.

It is also recommended shop for those who like it that, want to drink delicious coffee, and want to eat sweets unconcerned with professional wrestling!