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Road to wrestling Dontaku” has plenty of direction to make a big match!

It is pro-wrestling writer of katsuie.com.
Prefinal show of wrestling 「Road to wrestling Dontaku 2018」is being held up until 26th.
There are spread out of various games which able to seen the various preparation toward big match in Hiroshima, Kumamoto, Kagoshima and Fukuoka.
This time “Road to Wrestling Dontaku 2018” is being held at a venue where the size of the rural area is small, but the contents are wonderful.
Although there is no single match, it is developing with the digest version feeling of all the popularity such as the popular player’s illumination match.
Among them, it seems to entertain surely every time for the mic-appeal toward the big match.

At the Toyohashi competition, Tanahashi player appeared, and declared “I will challenge the IWGP belt (owned by Okada player) after 2 years and 4 months!” to Toyohashi fans.
To the scene big applause and cheering are received from the spectator.
Toyohashi at Higashi Mikawa, is that the home town of Okada player from Anjo castle?? Asked the question like that. The popularity of Tanahashi player is too absolute and wonder.
New Japan Wrestling Okada · Kazuchika “RAINMAKER DOLLAR” Parka

The other exciting point is the main of Korakuen Hall Games. After the game of LOS INGOBERNABLES and Suzuki’s fighting game, mask-man of Suzuki, El Desperado player was provoked.
At the Kumamoto competition, Naito player fight for the bet for the inter-belt which is owned by Suzuki Minoru player of Suzuki battle. Although just picking the mic-appeal, there is rise the expectation toward the wrestling dontaku completely.
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The biggest attention is the Fukuoka convention on 3rd May, is not a single match of Okada player and Tanahashi player of IWGP campaign? Although IWGP battle is after 2 years and 4 months, but the defense record in the past has been 11 times in line with Okada player’s record. Tanahashi player who is also busy in PR activities with injuries, film appearances and media activities.
However, as new records are being applied, it seems that the Okada player has been investigated intensely.
Reality, EVIL player who actually captured the Okada player is victorious and it is so excited to see what happens.
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Speaking of Tanahashi, the recent media activity is the impression that there are many jobs to dance in tie-up with companies.
First of all, temporary staff was collaborating with Mr. Charan-Po-Rantan who was in charge of the opening theme in the drama “It is a shame but useful to escape”, and Tanahashi player defeated the enemies (Unreasonable swing, human relations, overtime work etc.) falling on working girls It has appeared in a pop support movie called to give up.
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From May 1st it seems to participate in the video of Pepsi J Cola “Pepsi Festival Remix” as well.
Although Tanahashi player who is busy with media activities, looking forward to the IWGP match for the long time!