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Wrestling Dontaku 2018″, IWGP fight where Tanahashi player showed the meaning of Ace

It is pro-wrestling writer of Katsuie.com.
This year’s “Wrestling Dentaku 2018”, it was really interesting which game was wonderful.
Although I wanted to check in real time, checked the results and details after the game and enjoyed it in the form of a moving picture looking back if there was time.

The most interesting game is IWGP game against May 4th of Okada player and Tanahashi player who bet on V12.
It was concerned about being two people hitting for the first time in about two years and what kind of game the Tanahashi player who was in danger of injury continued to show.
Since the stamina of the Okada player is superhuman, what composition of the Tanahashi player of 40 over games will be played
This was the most fun thing.
As a result, the Okada player achieved V12. With this, historical IWGO defense record
has established.

Although it is also awesome, as saying personally, it was attracted to Tanahashi ‘s 「willpower」.
Midfield, Tanahashi players had been thoroughly targeted the neck at the curb brawl.
It was worry about, Okada player was attacked, and the lain maker pose.
So there was a booing from the ground, but maybe the desire to win Tanahashi player ‘s popularity is strong.

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From an attack of more than enough Okada player, Tanahashi players waited own pace.
An excited cheering came out of the body attack high fly flow from the top of the neutral corner.
High fly flow is a synonym for Tanahashi player. The character of “HIGH FLY FLOW” also appears on the T shirt like the following.
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Attacking after returning to the ring, head-on fight was continued after being attacked.
Everyone was exhausted, the last person, Tanahashi player repeatedly pulls up the tension, desperate battle as not to bring it to the lain maker anyway.
It was gaze at the position of Tanahashi player finally.
This kind of muddy pro-wrestlingness which brought a tensioner in the last was very good.
Without giving up, the Tanahashi player who confronts the Okada player saw it even shining.

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In this wrestling Dontaku , it was personally worried that Taichi player repeatedly attacked after the game and actively wrestling.
It had been said that “If turned to heavy,” surely to Naito players.
By the way, the Taichi player seems to be senior from Naito player, and during the campaign of Mexico Naito players have been treated variously for Taichi players (lol)
There is also paying attention Taichi players to the future.