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Number of meals on diet. Which do you want three or two times?


Hello! It is Mid International.

We think that there are many people who restrict diet when dieting.
After all, it is important to use diet restrictions together because exercise alone will not make it so easy.

At this time, there is one question.

As a precondition to reduce calorie intake and carbohydrates per day, is it better to take three meals a day?
Or is there no problem with two meals a day?
If I told you more, would I have one meal a day?

It is easy to get out of breakfast or lunch, so it tends to be done on diet, but if you do not eat 3 meals a day you will feel bad for your body.

Let’s close up on this subject this time.

There are various theories in modern times

We write from conclusion today, but in fact there is no answer.
There are various theories as to what what people should eat on a single day even if they are not on a diet, and experts also have opinions.

  • ●3 meals is the most balanced
  • ●Should be two meals
  • ●It is better to eat about five meals sometimes
  • ●It is better to occasionally make a fasting period

There are really various ways of thinking.
Perhaps there is no answer in the first place.

The pressure to eat 3 meals is too strong

Personally, we think that modern people seem to be overwhelmed by the idea of “to eat 3 meals.”
Just as Hiraga Genachi came up with a custom to eat eel in Odori Ox, it is the same as a chocolate company thought of delivering chocolate to Valentine’s Day, so we think someone is working.

Looking at history, it seems that two Japanese cuisine was basic based on the Japanese people until the Edo period.
It seems that education after the war has been strongly influenced by the fact that it began to eat three meals a day.
Is there a problem with the interests of the United States?

It is good with two meals a day

Actually I am a two-day school regardless of diet.
We do not eat breakfast.

We were eating breakfast when we were young, but my stomach hurts every day after eating.
It was routine to get into the toilet on the way to school. It was really painful.

So, trying to lose that habit, the morning became very well in the morning.
My head is clear and easy to work.

Explaining this academically, if you eat 3 meals a day, human internal organs will be in somewhere working all day.
So, the internal organs will continue to work until they die from birth.

When this comes to two meals a day, it is possible to make time for the internal organs to completely rest.
Meanwhile, you do not have to send extra energy to make your internal organs work.

In mour case, we will not have breakfast so that timing will come in the morning.
Energy can concentrate on the brain, so the work you think will progress.

It will be easy to get used to.

Although the talk diverted considerably from the diet, We think that it is not that bad as it eats 2 a day.
As it has already been imprinted like “religious eating 3 meals a day”, at first there might be a sense of resistance, the body may not be used, it may be ruined or irritated.
Also, you may feel painful with a feeling of hunger.

However, once you get used to it you do not have anything, and it is rather cheerful.
Because the human body gets used to the new environment soon, it gets accustomed to two meals a day in one to two weeks, making hungry feel difficult.

So it is highly recommended personally to think about the health aspect at the time of diet and make it two meals a day.

You had better stop taking out lunch.

In that case, it is a talk of which meal to take out, but in theory to rest internal organs, it is not so good to just pick out lunch.

In order for the internal organs to completely rest, it is possible to rest by having enough time before eating the next meal after eating the meal.
In our case, we will get tired of dinner (20 o’clock) until lunch (the next day) (12 o’clock), so it will be available for about 16 hours.

When this is over lunch, I eat it at 7 o’clock in the morning and we want to eat at 7 o’clock in the evening, so it’s only 12 hours after all.
As this will halve the effect, we think that you can have breakfast or dinner at night.

We do not know if you do not try it, and you only have to undo it if you do not fit.
We do not want to be caught up in too much common sense and we would like to take in two eating habits once.