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We want to know! Glory skill for Big Men Photography

Recently there are lots of cute pictures with cute pussy and dog with SNS etc.
Among them, girls are very good not only for animals, but also for how to show themself together.
Photographs are difficult, and I feel that there are more people who are badly reflected than the real one.
The body looks bigger than the real thing, the eyes look smaller, looked at to become old.
Because there are things that can be seen by various people, I want to leave a picture that gives a good impression!
I am cool if I can make it up to about 2% higher than my standard reference!
So this time I will verify how to take advantage of the potential, I thought about all the photos taken from now on I like a good impression handsome man.

Glory skill for Big Men Photography

1. Make the light a supporter

Since the shadow of the face is attached, the light just above is NG. Let’s be taken in a place where light hits the multi-direction as much as possible.
Light will skip facial dullness and wrinkles, and it will be bright and youthful appearance.


2. Photograph in the direction of rule

There are things where you can see your face that you know with a mirror and your face of a photo is different. The incompatibility may be caused by asymmetry in the face.
As most humans are somewhat different from each other, it is good to know the face that is well-known by looking at the mirror so-called dominant face is right or left.
When taking a picture, please look at a dominant of faces on the camera side rather than from the front.
The face gets caught and the body can be expected to have a fine-looking effect by becoming oblique with nature.


3. Make a good posture

The biggest attraction of Big Men is the strength of the thigh chest and arm around!
There are no girls who dislike powerful and dependable men. This is Baban! I should show it.
The trick is to stretch the back muscles and neck, breathe in heavily and dent your belly! My chest is wide open, and it is coolest at the highest.
Even a smile is not good I try a little up the mouth. Tenderness will be added and girls’ reception will be better ♪
If you lean on the wall, your attitude will be bad, so be careful.


The most important thing is the timing of smiles

Wait for the face is stiff that the shutter remains made the smile is pressed. It’s a pity that it will be like making a smile like a big picture.
After all the nice facial expression is a momentary smile that shines naturally!
A picture like a smiley face will also be a memory of happiness that I want to look back again and again.
So, at the moment the smile is taken.
It’s good to laugh at “Zu” of “Yes Cheese!”
Just confirm the direction of the lens beforehand and it is good if you close your eyes without expression.
If “yes cheese”
“Yes …” (Close your eyes)
“Chi” (preparation for opening eyes)
“· · ·Zu!” (Opening the eyes at a stretch and striking the lens)
Let’s compare.
Here is the image when you were making a smile from before you released the shutter.


Here is the picture that became a moment smile at “· · ·zu!”


There are many people who press shutter button at the moment of finishing “· · ·zu!”, Let’s check in advance if the shooter seems to press the shutter faster than “Zu”.
If you cannot find the camera position when you open your eyes, it is ok if you smile at the moment of “· · ·zu!” Prepare with open expression with your eyes open.

Items that make for easy reflection of the face

There is a way to improve the reflection of the face even in places where light is hard to bear regardless of the weather.
It is to add items of white color around the face.
Outer and white, and to adjust them a white T-shirt to the inner reflectors effect is there!
Your face will be bright and gorgeous.

Also, if you aim for small face effects, snuff, scarf and turtleneck are recommended.
It is a point to shoot a little bit of face on collar with volume. The face area becomes a little smaller, the outline becomes sharp. It becomes bright impression conspicuous.
Please try by all means ♪

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