Japanese Big & Tall Clothing for Men

Large size of the hat is in the mid-! Learn about the types of hats!


Handling of Mid ‘s hat starts with a cap, and now it is possible to propose various types of large size hat.

So I would like to introduce the big size hat style and autumn / winter new work this time!

First of all, introduce a hat by style!

Even if he says a hat, it has various shapes and styles, so there are many different kinds ♪ ♪ I will introduce you especially popular shapes among them.

Also see ” Kind of hat”.

Kind of hat



It is a familiar cap type. Perfect match for casual style!
See the list of large size caps

Fold Hat


A Fold Hat that can transform into a fashionable men in a blink of an eye when quickly wearing.
See the list of large size frangible caps

Watch · Beanie


Watch without any doubt that he will be active for the fall and winter from now.
View a list of-watch-beanie of large size



Popular hunting at Mid. The beautiful eye style and also casual style fits snugle mono.
See the list of large size hunting

2018 New hat

Here are some of the new line-up of this summer!


RUSTY Surf hat
Essential for outdoor activities! RUSTY’s surf hat which guards the head completely from strong sunlight and uv rays. Fashionable prints of tasteful tie dyeing way.There are two types of straps: a thin type for land use and a thick type for surfing, and when you do not use a strap for surfing, you can fix with a Velcro tape on the back of the hat. Because it has a stiff core in the front, it is possible to raise and lower freely according to the situation. It is useful to match the size of the head with the size adjustment code! Keeping the button on the side which can be turn into a ten-gallon hat! According to your mood, it can be different uses. The back side is a cushion material like a diving suit, drain side is good because the side part is a mesh specification.


CASTANO Sweat mesh cap with college logo
CASTANO mesh cap with a college logo printed on the front.
It features coloring which imaged the football team color of each city.
Back is well ventilated because the mesh area, ideal for UV protection.
Since the part that touches the inner skin of the hat from the part of the head is made of cotton material, it is good for skin, and it will absorb sweat.
Adjustable plastic hook.
As well as casual style, there is no doubt that it will be great for outdoor scenes!
Basic design with no tire, perfect for any casual coordination!
Can you prefer a long period of time.

I hope to continue feeling the size of Mid’s hat in those who are looking for a big hat in the future and think that you will be satisfied! So I will continue to focus on large size hats that are indispensable for coordination so please check them!

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