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MID’s Best Big and Tall Japanese Clothing Brands for Men

Here at MID, we consider ourselves to be one of the greatest big and tall stores online. In fact, we now offer products from over 100 of the best big and tall brands you can find from Japan and across the world! Whether you’re more into manga merch or consider yourself a New Japan fan, we have plenty of brands for you to browse.

However, if you’re someone who finds it hard to decide when you’re spoiled for choice, we’ve compiled some of our favorite brands here to make it a little easier for you to get started. If you’re looking to jump straight into our complete big and tall brand list, click or tap here.


The fact that the big and tall NJPW merch we offer is undoubtedly some of our most popular goes to show how passionate New Japan fans are about the sport. You can find official merch exclusively for the big and tall crowd, including NJPW caps, tees, and accessories.

TETSUYA NAITO Los Ingobernables de Japon Big Size Cap ($40USD)

From Bullet Club tees and Los Ingobernables de Japon hoodies through to branded tracksuits and sportswear, all of our official merch is sized up to 8L (7XL) so that even the biggest and tallest of NJPW devotees can show their support!



While today B ONE SOUL is a well-known brand of Japanese clothing for men, interestingly it began its life as part of the hugely popular American clothing house Bugle Boy in the late 1970s and 1980s. Having taken Japan by storm across the 1990s, B ONE SOUL soon found itself setting up shop on Japanese soil.

DUCK DUDE Allover Pattern Short-sleeve T-Shirt ($40USD)

If you’re a big and tall skater or just a fan of street style, B ONE SOUL have a range of hoodies, shorts, jackets, and oversize tees featuring playful colors, patterns, and their signature mascot DUCK DUDE. All items are complete with a chilled-out urban flair that’s perfect for lazy days or nights out on the town.



Laid-back, relaxed, and comfortable: three words that describe this big and tall Japanese clothing brand perfectly. With not only big and tall tees, trousers, jackets, and sportswear available, what makes MC.S.P one of the best Japanese clothing brands online is its range of traditional Japanese big and tall jinbei.

Big Size Denim Overalls ($106USD)

Typically worn in the summertime this style of clothing is great for lounging around, with a unique Japanese twist. In addition to this, expect a range of big and tall gear that you don’t see often including hooded rain suits, overalls, and a colorful array of big and tall jersey joggers and shorts.


Hiroko Koshino Homme

If you consider yourself fashion forward, hearing the name Hiroko Koshino may bring to mind images of bold patterns and coloring. However, the famed Japanese designer’s men’s collection trades daring dashes of color for more subtle hues and patterns appropriate for the office.

Pinstripe Short Sleeve Button Down Shirt ($53USD)

Additionally these big and tall men’s shirts are also fitted with special deodorizing tape under each armpit to combat any unpleasant smells, as well as quick-drying fabric for the warmer seasons that helps to reduce the appearance of sweat. With a number of colors and patterns to choose from, there is a big and tall business shirt for any kind of taste or style.


I’m Doraemon

One of the most famous Japanese anime and manga series around the world, it’s only natural that the official Doraemon “I’m Doraemon” clothing brand is one of the most popular big and tall brands that we have on offer here at MID!

I’m Gian Big & Tall Crewneck Short-sleeve T-Shirt ($26USD)

Great for both long-time and new fans alike, these big and tall Doraemon shirts, hoodies, and more showcase Doraemon and his friends in bright colors alongside fun phrases and poses. Whether you’re young or young at heart, our range of big and tall Doraemon merch also make great gifts!


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