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Our big size “One piece” items go on sale on now!
One piece is a Japanese manga written by Eiichiro Oda.
This manga is published in Shonen Jump which is most famous manga magazines in Japan.

One piece is a kind of pirates adventure story which is “Monky D. Luffy” who ate gomu-gomu fruits as one of devil`s fruits looks for a treasure, “One piece” to become a king of pirates with his companions.
Now, we sell “One piece” items more than 2XL.

One piece Jinbei which is a kind of Japanese traditional casual kimono

We introduce Japanese traditional jinbei which is a kind of casual kimono style.
Usually, the jinbei is made by cotton, but this item is not.
It uses Kanoko material to increase the sense of relaxation, so this jinbei promises us much comfortable fit for summer.
The cool design is a mix of Japanese summer festival, called “omatsuri” taste and “One piece” world.

Big and tall onepiece Jinbei

Tony Tony Chopper Hoodie

Chopper is a ship doctor for “Mugiwara pirates”.
He is a reindeer with a cute raccoon-like appearance and a lovely expression.
Most popular characters among the “Mugiwara pirates”.
This hoodie with chopper drawn is item for winter.
Warm comfort with back brushed material.
The back of the back style chopper is unbearably cute!
The sleeves and hem are ribbed to prevent cold winds.
Because there is a feeling of fit, it is easy to roll arms.

Tony Tony Chopper Hoodie

Crewneck Sweater with “Portgas D. Ace”

Ace is one of older brother for Luffy.
He already died at war of marineford when he was only 20 years old.
It was called “ACE of fire fist” by ability who ate mera-mera devil’s fruit.
He belongs to the “Whitebeard Pirates” and supports the captain “Whitebeard” as captain of the second squadron.

The back style is a print of “Whitebeard Pirates”
Because it is brushed back, it is warm and comfortable to the skin.
The sleeves and hem are ribbed to prevent the entry of cold wind.

Portgas D. Ace Crewneck Sweater

How did you think?
We introduce new items of ”One piece” from 2XL to 5XL every season.
If you have any interested in those items, please let us know!
Next season, we will ready to sell new “One piece” style, so please expect to have fun and wait them!

Big size One piece

In addition, a new one piece movie will be released in Japan soon.
Therefore, now one piece is popular in Japan and attracts many people’s attention, so please check the items!


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