Japanese Big & Tall Clothing for Men

Without failing in choosing clothes size, the way to measure the size yourself

It is worrying every time when buying clothes, but choose the size which fit the body.
There have many types the size and wearing feeling of clothes according to manufacturers and brands.
The 3L T-shirt that you have and the 3L T-shirt of another shop may be the same size, but not limit, right?

But there is a way to choose the size without worrying.
So excitable specially dramatically fantastic. Become comfort choosing clothes wonderfully, and there is no way to get rid of clothes.
It is to know the size of your body! What? Was it simple? (:))?
Indeed, knowing your measurement size in definite cm is very recommended method of choosing the clothes.
「But the body is so big and arm cannot reach the back, correct taking measurements cannot be by myself.」
Even those who seemed so, of course it is OK!
There is a little secret.
Let me introduce the tricks for measuring the size of one’s body alone in front of a mirror this time ♪


How to measure the waist

1)Firstly, put lying the measure on the chair.


2)Sitting on the chair, measure the back with raising.


3)Standing up, hold the measure with the height of belly-button and with the ground surface at the same time.

The position of the belly-button is a guide

▼ Photo from the side


4)Measure the height of belly-button around position.
When measuring below your own line of sight, it is good to reverse the measure up so that the numbers are easy to see.


How to measure the breast

1)Firstly, put lying the measure on the chair.

2)Sitting, raise the measure.

3)Standing up, keep holding the measure(front), adjust to the top of the breast.
(For the age who do not know in advance, to those who are beyond around 40).


4)While looking in the mirror, adjust the position of the measure straight back and side, measure at the position of the bust top.


The position of the breast top
And then, if you check the size corresponding to your own measurement results in the shop size table OK.
There is size notation that should buy. Let’s choose freely clothes that suits you completely.♪
If, you do not have a good measuring tape, Mid has the measures that can measure about to 2 meters.
Please choose the pattern of your favorite food.
Please consult us when you have trouble, we will accept E-mail or Phone on GANGAN about the size.♪

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