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An Introduction to Phiten: Revolutionary Sports & Lifestyle Wear

For big and tall men who like to stay active, looking after your heftier frame while playing sports or exercising can at times become a bit of a pain—literally. On top of dealing with unsightly bouts of excessive sweat, the pressure on your joints is often the gateway to inflammation or other injuries that could have otherwise been avoided.

Phiten, a Japanese sports and wellness brand that was founded in 1983, looks to not only combat these common calamities particularly faced by big and tall sportsmen, but also support and improve the body’s overall power and wellbeing through their broad range of sports and lifestyle products.

What Makes Phiten Unique?

Phiten’s offering of T-shirts, shorts, socks, tights, and more are all produced with high-quality materials that are both lightweight and quick-drying, but the main selling point of their products is the inclusion of their patented AQUA-METALS technology. The most common, AQUA TITAN, is microscopic titanium that is embedded into the items fabric for the purpose of enhancing the wearer’s performance.

Researchers have shown that by wearing clothing or accessories infused with AQUA METAL technology, users are said to experience a heightened sense of relaxation and regeneration, making Phiten products ideal for use both during and after sports or exercise to maintain a steady mind and boost the healing of muscles, joints, and ligaments.

MID’s Top 5 Phiten Picks

Crewneck Trainer Sweater

Phiten Crewneck Trainer Sweater

For those into running or jogging, this crewneck sweater is perfect for nighttime sessions. Along with AQUA TITAN permeated tape aligned around the neck, this stylish piece of sportswear features a reflective coating on the shoulders that reflects direct light from cars and other vehicles, increasing safety while running at night. For easy movability, the elbows and shoulders are also fitted with quilted fabric that allows for additional stretching.
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Ankle Supporter

Phiten Ankle Supporter

In addition to the knees, the ankle joints receive a fair amount of stress during physical activity and are easily susceptible to sprains or fractures. This heavy-duty ankle supporter is especially designed for bigger sizes, and is fitted with a removable belt that can be quickly and easily adjusted to suit the wearer. Not only suitable for sports or exercise, this high-quality Phiten ankle supporter can also be used for everyday health support.

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Compression T-Shirt

This smooth and stretchable activewear T-shirt features a compression component that assists in alleviating muscle fatigue and improving overall sports performance in addition to the inclusion of Phiten’s signature AQUA METAL technology. The addition of mesh fabric along the sides also improves the items breathability and helps to prevent the buildup of sweat, keeping it fresh and reducing odor.

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Compression Tights

Phiten Compression Tights

Where the compression T-shirt aims to alleviate muscle fatigue in the upper-half of the body, these Phiten compression tights aim to do the same for the lower-half. Sleek and silky, these sports tights reduce friction during movement and improve overall wellbeing and performance thanks to the included AQUA TITAN technology. The easy-stretch waistband is also designed with lightweight mesh in order to prevent the buildup of moisture and chafing.

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Necklace X50

Phiten Necklace X50

One of Phiten’s most popular and long-running products, this AQUA TITAN infused necklace is simple and offered in a number of colors to suit any style. Useful for both during sports and the everyday, it assists in boosting wellbeing and performance across all aspects of life to help you feel calm and focused through any situation. In addition, it is quick to dry if it becomes wet and is easy to snap on and off without breaking.

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Whether you’re always active or just often on the go, Phiten’s collection of big and tall sports and lifestyle wear and accessories are the perfect additional component to help you go the extra mile while protecting the parts of your body that need it most.
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