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Fast Shipping, Fast Processing

MID Promise You A Fast Shipping Service


What do you expect when use online shopping?
Especially, what if that was an overseas shop?
One of the most important things is “How much time will it take to ship and deliver?”
Our store MID international is based in Japan so it takes more time than domestic delivery.
For realize the fast shipping, we always ship out order on the same day as when it was received.
Also, the package is shipped by EMS. As you know, EMS is global No.1 express mail service.
Your package will deliver to you in a very fast and high quality manner.
Most importantly, this service is FREE!

How to apply?


The way to apply to this service is simple.
1. Place an order by 4:00 pm on our business day (Japan Standard Time)
2. Make sure the payment information is complete.
That’s it!
If the product is ordered before 4:00 pm (Japan Standard Time) we will hand over to EMS on that same day.
For the payment, you can use major credit card brands VISA, MasterCard, American Express and any major credit card company around the world.
Paypal is also accepted.

How long does it take to deliver from Japan?


You can check the arriving time estimates with the link below.

About shipping and handling

However, there is always the possibility of delay in delivery due to bad weather,traffic conditions or a customs issue.
Please feel free to contact us if your package does not arrive at the estimated time.
We are very happy to help you!
Also English, Chinese and Japanese are available on our web site.

What about product quality?

Even if the product arrives on time, it would be so disappointing if it came with a defect.
But don’t worry, all of our products are always shipped after a quality inspection.
We only deliver good quality products!

Why we do this?


Our motto is “Make every big and tall person around the world happy” with our products and service.
We think that if customers can receive a good quality of products at an earlier time, that will make you happy.
That is why we will try our best.
We hope that you find your favorite clothes here and enjoy shopping on our website!

If you have any questions, please let us know freely!

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