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What coloring is suitable for men in their age of 50?

The key word of fashion wished for men aged 50s seems to be “appropriateness for age of composer”.
The keyword that easily fits the age suitable for the year is which brand you choose.


Not only brand, coloring is also an important factor to just build 50’s fashion well.

Especially as you age, it may not match the color that suits you until now, like the brighter color than the darker color, the concept of color may change significantly.
Although, there are many colors, I cannot choose to see what color should fit together.
Wanted of aged 50s, not too composure, not too much, let’s see at the tips of such perfect color to choose.
The color which becomes the base stabilizes the calm in black and white, navy, brown.


The base is the main bottom or tops.
Since it becomes a heavy impression if it makes it to the whole body base color, either one is decided as the base color.
Since the base color is basically a calm color of adults, even if you add a bright color, the whole impression will not collapse.
Calmness of adults is to make the foundation firmly first, so it is necessary to carefully examine where to put the color of the base and what color to choose.
Although I say that heavy it comes to the whole body base color, but there is pretty as a combination because the white × black, white × navy simple and elegance even in the base color.

Tips for choosing colors that match seasonal feeling

season color

Although there is a sense of stability if you set the base to calm coloring, there was time of overflows somewhere is plain or too familiar of the uncle feeling.
So, adding the vivid color of matching with the base color, and you will get more fashionable at once.
At that time, it is important to note that if you match flashy color in a blurry scene, it will be somewhat impressive.
The point of choosing color is

Choose gentle hues and earth colors instead of primary colors
Choose a color that fits the seasons
Avoid of showy colors

That is there.
Since the impression of the face is blurred, I think whether there are many people with resistance to a gentle earth color system, but if one of black, navy, white and brown with stability is placed in the base color, the contraying color of contrast is clear.
When the base color would match the primary color system and the flashy color, you must be careful since become quite heavier impression.
Furthermore, while choosing the color, choose the color fit the season, the impression from the surroundings will be UP.
Choosing the earth color with a sense of season seems to have a high degree of difficulty, but it matches more than you think, because the base color is easy to match with any color.
The matching color that fits the season is below

Recommended fellow color in spring: mint green, light pink
Recommended fellows in summer Color: Sachs blue, lemon yellow
Recommended fellows in autumn: Bordeaux, terra cotta
Recommended fellow in winter Color: White, Red
color mix

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