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Sleepwear to choose is important? What is the secret of sleepwear raising pajamas?

Hello! I woke up at 4 AM so cold these day.
There was two hours before getting up, but it was troublesome to pull out what I wear purposely above, so I decided to welcome morning while fighting coldly (^ – ^;

Sleeping is so important, that about a third of are life’s is spent asleep.
Sleep is a very important part of a healthy life, and it is also closely connects to the lifespan.
In addition, there are many people who care about bed and bedding, but apparently people who stick to sleepwear do not seem to come often.
Pajamas, jerseys, sweatshirts, etc., there is different sleep attire according to people.
Also, some people are sleeping wearing sweatshirts and jerseys on an extension line of room wear. I think that there are also people who usually sleep in casual wear and sleepwear.

About clothes for sleepwear

Sleepwear, which is said to be the most common in certain surveys, is about 40% of the total pajamas, then the jersey is 20%, to the result of tightening the rest trainer and T-shirt+pants!
Those who answered “”Jersey and trainer”” and “”T-shirt+pants”” may be those who are used roomwear as a sleepwear.
Today we want to introduce for sleepwear in order to obtain a comfortable sleep.

Three important points in choosing a sleepwear

First, there are three elements required for sleepwear.
1. Whether it can absorb sweat and moisture during sleep
2. Are you able to select materials according to the seasonal change
3. Moveable material that can smoothly removed asleep easily
Because there are temperature differences in Japan depending on the season, hot seasons are required to absorb sweat and moisture, warm materials are required for cold seasons.
If it is not excellent in quick-drying sweat, or if it is not a material according to the season, the body feels stress without knowing, and it will not be able to get a good quality sleep.
I also think that some people are sleeping wearing sweats and jerseys because they are comfortable in them.
Because the Jersey has a poor sweat absorption rate, and the trainer is difficult to adjust the body temperature by muffling the heat, it does not lead to a good quality sleep no matter how comfortable it may be.
Compared to that, pajamas are made from sticking to sleeping compared to other sleepwear, so it is indispensable to get a good quality sleep.
When you look at the material and design, you can take a look at that commitment.

Particular about of the materials

[Fall-Winter Recommended Material]
● Brushed back material, back fleece
Since the back side is made of soft and warm material, it has heat retention, and the touch is outstanding.
winter textile
Twill brushed
● Cardboard Fabric
It is superior in heat retention because it has a double structure consisting of two fabrics joined together like a cardboard.
● Soccer material
It has a sense of unevenness, and it reduces the stickiness of sweat, so it is non-stressed at the time of sleep.
● Soccer material

● Gauze material, mesh material
Good ventilation , excellent sweat absorption, perfect for hot weather!
Mesh materials

Particular about of the design

Neckline open collar
Since pajamas often have open collar around the neck, there is no discomfort, you can get to a deep sleep soundly.
mesh pajyama
Open-necked collar
[Comfortable waist elastic specifications】
Because the waist part contains elastic rubber, it is easy to breathe without being pressed in the stomach, so you can get a good quality sleep.
mesh pajyama
Waist rubber specification
Also, although it tends to be neglected. The action of changing clothes before sleep has a role like a switch that enters a system in which the body sleeps.
Since it is proved not only on hygiene but also in brain science. The action of switching to pajamas is also very important in order to improve the drowsiness effect.
What did you think?
Most people don’t have a lot of pajamas, even though they have a lot of everyday clothes.
Pajamas who spend one third of their lives.
In order to get a good quality sleep, I would like to have a commitment to what to wear and sleep!