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Wide Frame Sunglasses for only $100 level

Wide Frame sunglasses co-produced with MEGANE SUPER CO.,LTD. and us MID international

Our original sunglasses specialty for wide head goes on sale on Saturday 9th March!
We realized these sunglasses by co-produced with a core company MEGANE SUPER CO.,LTD. of VISIONARY HOLDINGS CO.,LTD.
We have two different types of sunglasses.
The temple length of each sunglasses are 160mm(6.2″) and 150mm(5.9″)
It is difficult to obtain sunglasses with such a long temple.
However, we are providing them as ready‐made product in a good price!

wide sunglasees

wide frame sunglasses

You may have thought about previous ready-made sunglasses that “quite small” “size is fine but way too expensive”

There are not too many ready-made wide frame sunglasses in the market.
Also, most of them are too pricey or doesn’t fit well.
It is not easy to get best one from among only few options.
The general measurement of eyeglass’s temple is about 145mm.
But for someone who has wider head, it needs at least 150-160mm.
In particular, it is very difficult to find a sunglasses which has more than 155mm of temples.
Even if on the web store there are few quantities and types.


In addition, the average price of wide frame sunglasses are double or more when we compare with general sunglasses’s price.
It makes you to hesitate to buy a sunglasses, isn’t it?

Our enthusiasm for development of Wide Frame Sunglasses

We have received many requests from customers about Wide Frame Sunglasses since before.
Of course we tried to looking for it regardless of domestic or foreign.
However, it was really hard because most of them are expensive, unstylish, or doesn’t fit well on us.
Eventually, we have come to think that maybe we can make our original sunglasses with our own hands!
When we first think to do it, we couldn’t meet a company that they accept to co-produce sunglasses with us.
We had some opportunities to realize it but they are only allowed produce products in such a large quantities that we can not sell out.
Also, some more other problems came up too.
Many things were not going well and we thought we have to give up.
Then, the encouraging comments from our customer brought us back to the origin when we were completely overwhelmed.
“Make every big and tall people around of the world happy.”
“From head to toe.”
These are MID international’s motto.
We want to make customers across the world happy by our original sunglasses.
That is why we determined to try to make it again.
Also, at that time, we met the company MEGANE SUPER CO.,LTD. which has many glasses stores in all over Japan.
Thanks to MEGANE SUPER CO.,LTD. , our hope finally came true!

The appeal of Wide Frame Sunglasses

Our choices for the satisfaction of customer.

(1)Good fit, Good price

“Make our original wide frame sunglasses as ready-made product and provide them in a reasonable price” this is what we wanted realize the most.
The wearing comfort is depending on temple length so we selected 160mm(6.2″) for it.
It is difficult to obtain sunglasses with such a long temple.
Have you ever experienced like the example following?
“Got marks on your skin after wearing sunglasses.”
“Tight sunglasses caused a headache.”
“The shape of sunglasses looks weird when you wear it on.”
No worries. You will know how well it fits on you!
Also, the price is for only $100 level. This is just as general sunglasses’s price.

wide frame sunglasses
It does look great fit without deformation.

(2)Stylish design

There were many comments from customers that “Can’t find ready-made wide frame sunglasses with stylish design.”
If we are going to do it of course we want to make sunglasses stylish and easy to match.
We thought about it over and over, and we selected two different designs of sunglasses from lots of kinds sample.
wide frame sunglasses

wide frame sunglasses

We picked better shape and design one from a tons of sample carefully.
Our selected sunglasses are easy to match with any style.
Every one of you who has given up to enjoying the fashion.
We hope that we can make you happy by our clothing and accessories.
We will keep getting better for you!

Sunglasses Sizing and Specification Guide

#2002-7289 Wide Sunglasses Titanium Frame20027289-3

Size:Temple 150mm(5.9″)/Bridge 16mm(0.6″) / Eye size 62mm(2.4″)
Frame material:Titanium
Lens material:Acrylic
Lens function:99% UV protection / 20% Visible Light Transmission (VLT)
Frame Colour:1.Silver 2.Navy

#2002-7290 Wide Sunglasses Plastic Frame

Size:Temple 160mm(6.2″)/Bridge 18mm(0.7″) / Eye size 60mm(2.3″)
Frame material:Acetate/Titanium
Lens material:Chloroprene rubber (CR)
Lens function:99% UV protection / 20% Visible Light Transmission (VLT)
Frame Colour:1.Black 2.Havana