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Why does mid regularly take staff photos?

Hello, this is mid-International.
The other day, we took a picture of the staff.
In addition to taking photos of the products and taking pictures of the models wearing the products, mid also regularly takes pictures of staff.
Mid is a mail order site for men’s clothes of a large size, so it seems that stuff pictures are not necessary.
Still, at Mid, I take pictures of staff several times a year and introduce it on HP.

Reason for Mid International continues to take staff photos

Mid International is a mail-order site that is selling only online without having a real store.
Although there is an opportunity to hear the voice of the customer directly when ordering by phone, almost 90% of customers and we receive the order on HP without matching the face and voice.
Every day after delivering the product, from the customer,
“”The product was very good!””
“”I want to use it again packing and correspondence carefully!””
“”I want to increase the Adidas products of larger size.””
“”The size did not match, but I would like you to explain the size guidance on HP more properly””

We will receive a lot of happy voices and requests and suggestions etc.
In fact, I think that it would be nice if we could respond face to face with each of our customers individually, we will reply to such a voice by e-mail or phone at Mid.
So I asked the customer to know the face of the mid-staff even a little, I thought that it would be nice to have a sense of security and affinity for the store, I am letting mid-staff appear on HP.
Efforts to see the staff’s face have continued for about 10 years ago, and recently customers may call the staff’s name directly by e-mail or phone.
In addition, by seeing the face of the staff, customers can also feel free to contact us, we also increased the opportunity to say request.
If you call the customer by name, we may also have a feeling of familiarity without permission, and sometimes the heat goes to inquiries, etc.
It is a convenient time to shop without having to match your face, so it is my mind’s desire to have your face on the screen at least and have a sense of affinity even a little.
The reason why Mid is a mail-order site but keeps staff pictures is to deepen the connection with customers through photos of staff and make customers smile!

Just like taking a model shot of staff photos

From here it will be a story behind staff photography, but in fact this staff photography is carefully prepared.
For example, what kind of preparation,

Consider cutting a number of posing patterns in advance and affix a sample image to the studio
The female staff will take care of your skin the day before and make a makeup on the day
Shoot off shot at SNOW to relieve tension
Using self-shooting application SNOW, I am relaxing tension before shooting.
By the way, since the photograph taken with SNOW is posted irregularly in the official Instagram of Mid, please check also the Instagram of Mid by all means.
# Searchable in midinternational
This cut is over 100 in all.
Photography is not done by professional photographers, but by staff.
Because the staff members are aware of each other, it often happens that you do not want to pose for posing during shooting (lol)
Furthermore, it sticks to the arrangement of the shooting, the orientation of the body, the setting of the camera, as well as model shooting already!
Hot feelings about such shooting are overflowing throughout the studio.
Of course you do not have another idea in camera check.
Photos taken in this way will continue to be posted on HP at any time after the end of August.
I am glad if this staff photo leads to everyone’s smile so that you can shop in mid with a little fun and peace of mind!
Mid is aiming for a mail-order site with a visible face.
We are introducing the corresponding staff at the staff page etc. Please do check it by all means.