Japanese Big & Tall Clothing for Men

Why be a dancing ZOMBIE? When you can be a NINJA! (3L~4L).

Hello, It is Mid International.


Halloween is around the corner.
Do you really want the wear your suit to a party and explain why your wearing make up?
There is a mysterious choice you can have.
You can be a Ninja and steel someone heart.

Why did you decide to sell ninja clothes?

I saw a hole and I knew I could fill it.
You can get LL size from other companies.
But on MID you can find bigger, 3L and bigger.

I was pleased that customers like the ninja costume and I had a lot of hot requests.
Customers are quite taken with the mysteriousness of being a ninja for the night.

Today, we receive orders for these products from overseas customers who are interested in Japanese traditions and culture.

The popularity for ninja clothes is increasing as well as items with strong cultural elements, such as large size kimonos and large size loincloths, and the voice of more interest from customers is increasing more than customers recently.
Like when developing Informal summer clothes for men or work clothes, we want to realize your voice! With the desire to develop, I decided to develop large size ninja clothes.
From that point on, long and steady product development began over 8 months of hardship.

Is there a large size ninja clothes in the world?

First of all, I checked to see what size the ninja clothes are sold in the market.
If you examine it, there are few shops selling Ninja clothes in the first place!
Furthermore, even if the size is S / M / L, it is up to LL.
There were also places specified as free size, but its bust size seems to be as high as 120 cm to 130 cm.
After all it is difficult to purchase large size ninja clothes.
Big size got right on top of it from head to toe! I am producing large sized ninja clothes and deliver it to customers!
From such a strong feeling. That are customers wanted a choice and go to parties in style.
February 22 is a ninja day! Large size ninja clothes during development.

Started making large size ninja clothes

I will make big size ninja clothes!
Although I did not just finger read about ninjas.
I berried my head into it and got stuck.
First of all, in order to start with knowing about ninja, I read books and materials related to ninja, blogs and so on.
So, I grabbed the point of the ninja clothes and decide to advance the production of ninja clothes specializing in the following parts.

  • Hiding colors
  • easy to move
  • Clothing that can not identify an individual
  • It is a prerequisite that it is possible for a ninja whose main duty to stand alone is able to move quickly without noticeable.
    I found out that conditions that are simple and highly functional are optimal as ninja clothes.
    Based on this, making big sized ninja clothes starts around staff village familiar with mid hemming and sleeve repair!

    First of all, I made a large sized paper based on regular size Ninja clothes.
    Next, the fabric is cut according to the pattern. Over 3m of fabric total length!

    Anyway it’s a long one!


    long! !
    Even just cutting it is a hard time …. Even if you just cut a paper with a pattern and cut it for half a day.


    Next, we sew the parts together.

    Repeated trial and error, it was about a month after the prototype finally was finished.
    I choice to wear it on a big model of the body and verified the whole silhouette and fine wearing feeling.


    At first, I was a model that had been getting tensioned on ninja clothes, but when I listen to the detailed wearing feeling

    “The backpack is thin and can not be attached”
    “Gaiters strings are hard to tie”
    “Breasts bounce”
    “Waist Pimp is painful”
    And various problems have come up. It is still not easy to follow.

    While asking the model to make various movements, we will further refine the improvement to an easy-to-move ninja clothes by further digging the hard-to-move parts and crowded parts.

    Making prototypes many times over and making improvements continued for about half a year, finally … finished long-awaited ninja clothes completed.

    What’s a ninja clothes that a person with a big body can wear comfortably?

    Add countless improvements, finally reaching the large size ninja costume.
    There are four comfort points that are different from the regular size!

    1.The backpack is thin and can not be attached

    I made cuts around the cuffs about 4 cm to make it easier to pass the arm.
    In addition, we changed the hole part through the middle finger to elastic rubber.


    2.Gaiters strings are hard to tie

    Gaiters is a cloth wrapped in shins to make it easy to move.
    By wrapping the cord around the cloth with a cord, the feet are tight and light atmosphere.
    However, it is difficult to braze the cord round with a crocodile.
    I made two holes to pass strings there.
    Before putting on a leg link a little string was wrapped around so we improved the winding after installation!


    3.Breasts bounce

    Since the chest opens while moving, you can see the T – shirt wearing inside.
    For that reason, we fixed it by attaching a string to the side part.
    At first it was only on the left side, but we attached strings on both the left and right so that we can dress more carefully and improved the position of the string.
    By connecting the ends of the body with a string, it prevents bantering.

    4.Waist Pimp is painful

    The sense of stability will change depending on whether you roll the strap on your stomach or roll around the hip bone.
    In order to be loose or stiff at the winding place, we put rubber with stretch in part of the strap.
    Therefore, no matter where you tie the waist cord, it fits neither fly nor bounces, it fits perfectly!


    Mid hope hidden in large size ninja clothes

    Based on Mid ‘s spirit of wanting to shape your voice as anything, we realized the sale of large – size ninja clothes finally with hardships of 8 months!

    Ninja also called Japanese legend.
    A Japanese mystery wearing a black clothes and having a high physical ability.
    That outgoing story and anecdotes are mysterious and cool anyway!

    I’m very happy to truly really be able to introduce such a cool ninja clothes to everyone.
    This ninja clothing, I wanted to deliver it to everyone in October at any rate.
    Because I really want to make it in time for Halloween! There was a feeling that.
    From last year to this year, many ninja films such as Sanada Tsuyoshi, Shinobu no kuni, Lego · Ninja Go and so on have brought domestic entertainment so that ninja is gaining attention even in Halloween costumes.
    Every year, we have received many requests for big size Halloween costumes, so I definitely wanted to deliver ninja clothes to everyone as a costume of the year.

    Ninja clothes are cool even if anyone wear it! ! It is also the magical clothes of.
    By the way, the mid-staff Shiraki, Takagi, Mikuri and three people with different age, height and sex each wore wear, but 3 people are really cool! !
    If you can deliver such cool-looking ninja clothes to customers, you can realize “big is cool” that Mid raises! The thought of such a staff swelled day by day.

    A ninja clothing project extremely difficult to deal with contrary to my feelings.

    Large sized ninja costumes are made for comfortable wear for those with 3 to 4 L size.

    By the way Ninja clothes already attracting attention.
    The first production is all sold out so now it is under construction for the second bullet.
    I want ninja clothes! ! If you have any request, please contact us below.

    If you live abroad other than Japan, please contact us from here

    MID thoughts jammed the ninja clothes is by all means happy and by all means check able to.