Japanese Big & Tall Clothing for Men

Solve the big body people wear swelling problem!

It is said that it is a warm winter this year, but it is cold because it is winter after all.
But if you try to warm up, the problem will come.

Cold → wear → wear more and more → to wear swelling → “”it looks fat!

That’s right .
The problem is tend to happen with heavy clothing , “”wear and look fat””.

Would it be unavoidable to look fat than actually in cold measures?
In fact, even you have more clothes , can show it clearly with the ingenuity of how to dress!
This month is an important month that Valentine’s day is ahead.
Even if an adult , but there is no loss if you are a little attractive. (Lol)!
So this time, I will introduce the tips of wearing cool clothes that look skinny!

About the tips of slimming

Point 1: Hide the fat part

Let’s hide the belly, thighs, buttocks of the place where the body looks big.
If you use such kind of Outer, the vertical line is emphasized and refreshing!
An example of a smooth-looking outerwear with a vertical line:
MICHIKO LONDON KOSHID Stainless steel coat
BUNDESWAR M-51 Twill Mod Coat

Point 2: We put volume around face

If there is volume around the face and neck, you can aim for small face effect.
I also wear clothes that have a voluminous collar, muffler, and hood.
An example of an item that looks like a small face:
Fleece neck warmer

Point 3: V-shaped outer collar

The V-shaped collar makes the face look sharp. However, most T-shirts and knitwear and trainers in the world are round collars.
If you open the neck of the outer wear on the top to be a V-shaped, you will get the same effect as the item of the V collar.
From the bottom of the chest there is a similar effect even if you close the front of the outer!
An example of an item that makes the face look sharp:
PLENTY TOUGH SPORT Full zip hoodie with brushed backing
Easy Suma barrel type super stretch tailored jacket

Point 4: take advantage of hats

When facing a person wearing a hat, the person’s eyes naturally flow to the head.
The hat is a warm item that can deflect the eye from the body shape, just kill two birds with one stone.
A hat that fits perfectly with the size of the head is also outstanding small face effect!

Examples of hat items that do not look like a figure:
So and so Crazy switch hunting cap

Coordination looks skinny:

This is a great way to get a good idea of what you want to do.