Japanese Big & Tall Clothing for Men

What is the fashion demanded by the surroundings for men in their 50-aged of large size?

The most losing control period what fashion is suitable for men in their 50-aged.
In the 40-aged you can coordinate the clothes you wear in your 30-aged if you do exercise a little bit but because of changing the body shape in 50-aged, you cannot easily dress the clothes you have been wearing.
On the other hand, if you choose clothes matching according to your body shape, “”elderly feeling”” becomes more prominent, it is difficult from good-looking, ignoring the changing body shape and if you choose the clothing of 40-aged, feel from embarrassing….
About the fashion in your 50-aged what kind of things are the people around you (such as your wife and girls) doing?
· Cool mood of suitable for the aged
· Simple coordination
Let’s dig a little deeper.

Cool mood of suitable like a ’50-aged’

50's fashion
Cool mood of suitable for the aged is

  • Fashionable not too much
  • A little sense of trend
  • Clothes of reasonable price

It is said that.
What does it mean “fashionable too much” actually?
That is to be conscious of trend a little. If saying of miso soup, it just adds spice salty taste of reduction of salt.
Specifically, to take one trend item or to appeal a little trend color.
Frequently NG case is too trendy will become Too much, no longer is a rather fashionable pattern.
Men’s trend of this spring and summer is patterned item and adult jackets, such as big silhouette.
Among them, considering the age of 50-aged, it is important to divide items to be included and items not to be incorporated, and taking lightness into coordination is the biggest point to cancel “”overwork””.
For example, even if similar coordination, the appearance lightness differs between the B pattern of only the shirt that took out the pattern to the whole surface and the A pattern to turn on the jacket of showing the shirt pattern tiller.
It seems to be a heavy impression when wearing a jacket … but it is actually more impressive to give a sense of full design feeling to the whole.
big and tall fashion
Patterned on the cool impression seems to 50-aged the extent to which add a spicy.
When choosing a jacket, if you select the jacket like A, a somewhat casual jacket or the jacket of hemp material, “Stability of adult” will increase.

Sense of freshness required for a male 50-aged fashion for large size

big and tall fashion
Subsequently, this is a “” sense of freshness”” common to all ages of men, not limited to 50-aged. (What is clothing with a sense of freshness?) asking the girls of response is, it is wearing clothes coolly.
「Cooly」that is, the sense of freshness is exactly equal to coolly. Of course it is NG certainly that the clothes are dirty, not washed, wrinkled, torn, but the fact that the length of the sleeve is short or the length of the pants is short also has been caught as “” there is no sloppy = no freshness”” submission.
The point to getting a sense of cleanliness is to wear clothes of the size that matches the size of body. Especially in a business scene or formal scene, this “”coolly feeling”” is regarded as considerable importance.
The length of the sleeve of the shirt is long, and the dress of losing the button is said to be “”there is no sloppy = no freshness””.
For example, if you compare photos of A and B, A has a more positive feeling.


Even though both are freshly dressed clothes, B’s photos that are not wearing in just-sized size will be an image that somewhat absent = not beautiful.
In the sweaty season business scene, “shirt” is quite important.
Just by choosing a shirt that fits perfectly for your size, you can keep a sense of cleanliness even in hot summers.
Those who are too large or too small in the size of commercials are ants trying to challenge order shirts without doubt.

Simple large size male 50-aged coordination

Furthermore, “simple coordination” is an important point for 50-aged.

  • To get simplicity
  • To minimize the colour used for coordination
    Do not use too much accessories.
  • Do not use too much accessories.

Those thing s are really important to be simple.
Even if you compare the pictures of A and B with each other, there are a lot of colour variations, and also the accessories are combined in the coordination A, B is also simpler than B in which small items also match similar colours with suppressing colour variations, and it gives an impression.
Regarding the number of colours, coordination is conspicuous by making a dare subtraction.


The colour used for coordination is at most three colours at most.
If you put a beautiful penetration colour in it one colour, youthfulness will be UP.
It is a point to choose a gentle hue and earth system which is not a primary colour system.

  • Recommended fellow colour in spring: mint green, light pink
  • Recommended fellows in summer colour: Sax Blue, lemon yellow
  • Recommended for autumn: Bordeaux, terracotta
  • Recommended fellow in winter colour: White, Red

season color


How about a large size men’s 50-aged fashion?
Review the sense point of 50-aged fashion especially
Cool mood of suitable for the aged
Sense of freshness
Simple coordination
First of all, while conscious of the above points, trying a simple fashion as much as possible, good feeling degree may also be improved UP from the surroundings.
However, after all

  • What are the clothes in cool mood suitable for the aged?
  • Which clothes have a sense of freshness?
  • What is simple clothe?

Many people who are bothered should be quite a lot.
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