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If you aim for short-term effects sugar-restricted diet! Summary to success!

In the blog before, I introduced it entitled “Beer, Meat, Sweets, Eat a Full of Eat and OK Sugar Diet!”
Let’s review points of carbohydrate restricted diet again this time!

What is Carbohydrate Limited Diet?Rule of carbohydrate restricted diet

The method is relatively easy. Just reduce the amount of carbohydrates and eat plenty of meat and vegetables. It does not have to be hungry, so it is a thankful diet to those who like to eat.
However, in order to improve the effect, let’s try this point!

(1) Eat first from leafy vegetables

By eating leafy vegetables rich in dietary fiber and low carbohydrate, we will make the increase in blood sugar gentle.
There is a merit that fat is difficult to attach.
Potatoes and root vegetables contain a lot of dietary fiber, but be careful as the carbohydrates are high!

(2) Carry away carbohydrates at night

Since the amount of activity is small at night, it is easier for the carbohydrates to take effect mainly in the morning and afternoon.

(3) Try light muscle training

Muscle is also necessary for fat burning. Increasing your muscle mass will increase the amount of basal metabolism, so everyday calories will also be consumed.
It is more effective to do it. Let’s work hard abs and push-ups First 10 times!

(4) Try targeting glucose intake of around 80 g per day

Even if you eat a lot of food other than sugar OK! Let’s decrease just a little amount of carbohydrates.
There is a description of the sugar mass to the food package to the “Nutrition Facts”.
If sugar mass is not stated, “carbohydrate amount” – “dietary fiber” = “sugar mass” will be.

Good things to eat with carbohydrate restricted diet, refrain
We aim to reach 80 g of sugar intake per day, but there is no limit to the total meal amount.
Let’s eat a lot of food etc. in the OK diagram below so that nutrition does not run short ♪

Less sugar! It’s okay to eat plenty

Lots of sugar! A little food you want to refrain

Food substitute for carbohydrates is the key to success!

Roasted meat, cheese and mayonnaise OK! However, it might be missing white rice after all for delicious meat dishes.
So we eat thinly shredded cabbage and tofu instead of carbohydrates.
Both curry and fermented soybeans are delicious enough with cabbage! I bought sukiyaki on top of a tofu and ate it, but it is delicious again. Sometimes you are going to bowl fried chicken and sausage and drink sugar restricted beer.
If you do not eat cooked rice, it is a fine diet menu ♪

Measure the body weight exactly
Although we may not have a feeling for the first week, my weight will definitely drop.
Let’s weigh your weight daily. The first day can be heavy, let’s accept it. Because I can lose weight in the future ()
It is handled in the mid, digital scale of Tanita until load-bearing 200kg OK!

Measuring weight is one of the important self-management.

Let’s check it every day!
Please also take a look at the special issue on carbohydrate restricted diet that the mid-staff small country challenged!