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Lunch box making the diet effect can be expected when habit

I want to eat but I want to lose weight · · ·. Dieting is an eternal task, is not it?
Extreme dietary restrictions, common dietary eating diet etc do not go on quite often.
If we can not continue, no effect can be expected.

The problem of dieting should continue.
To make a diet a habit, it is recommended to start with familiar things.
My customs diet is making a box lunch for lunch.
At first glance it feels troublesome but besides it is about the first week.
Once you make it a habit, you can easily make a box lunch in a little morning.

Tips for making bento making habits Part 1 Well using frozen foods and prepared dishes


Frozen foods and prepared dishes of convenience stores are bad for the body.
But recently frozen foods and prepared dishes are healthy and there are so many things that it is good to take advantage of it.

Recommended is a side dish of Seven Eleven.
There are plenty of Japanese cuisines including beef and shrimps, Japanese cypress ancon and dried radish.
It’s easy and it will not take long because it just packs up.

Tips for making bento making a habit Part 2 Make a staple food style rice ball and freeze it in large quantities


If you do not have a staple food, you will not mind taking a lunch box.
It is also troublesome to cook rice, so at this point you will be frustrated making lunch.
It is convenient to cook rice on a day off, to make it rice ball shape and store frozen.
It does not take time and effort because it only makes a chin in the range.
If you hold rice ball feeling small and hold it, you can expect a diet effect.
At first it feels unsatisfactory, but firstly I feel a proper amount when I keep eating every day.

Tips for customizing lunch box part 3 Add vegetables and soup


Even so, you may not be able to prepare enough side dishes, do you? There is only rice but … · · ·.
When you bring a freeze-dried soup, you will substitute instead.
Recommend this lineup.

  • Knorr soft fluffy egg soup
  • Knorr Korea Tige Soup
  • Amano food additive-free soup
  • ASUZAC fast food Zaku cut cabbage and tomato soup
  • Amano Foods Freeze Dried Miso Soup Miso soup as usual

I also want to bring vegetables to think of healthy banns. Leaf objects take time and trouble, so it is recommended to take mini tomatoes.

Even if you prepare these items, it will take about 15 minutes until your lunch box is completed.
This seems to be reasonably ready even in a morning high hour.
More recently, lunch box boys are also popular, so if you bring your own lunch boxes, the surrounding view may also change.

It will be frustrating around the 3rd day, but if you continue for a week it will become a habit, so please do not try it.