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What is the cause and solution of knit uncomfortable tingling? !

Speaking of knitwear, it is a versatile item that you can wear under outerwear at the current time, or wear a single piece without outerwear as it gets warmer a little.
It is easy to move because there is elasticity, as well as good comfort, cold weather as well ◎!
In addition, it gives a clean feel and a gentle atmosphere just by wearing knitted materials with soft taste.

However, depending on things, there are knit wears that are still scratchy … · · ·.
It would be best if we could check if it was knocking before buying before, but it is a strange place to not actually touch with net shopping like mid.
Why do knit scratchy in the first place?

One of the causes is the thickness of the fiber.
The thicker the fiber, the more irritating the skin, especially among 100% of wool feels tingling feeling.
Also, since the air is dry in winter, the skin tends to dries too.

When a thick fiber touches the dry skin and causes friction, it generates a scratchy feeling by being stimulated.
And people are sweating even in winter.
The knit is a highly breathable material, but if you wear a mixed wool or just-fit knit that is easy to sweat, you will get even sweaty.
For sweaty skin, the knit becomes a strong stimulus and it is scratchy.

I get scratchy when I bought it, I get scratchy but I like the design and I want to wear it somehow …. In such a case there are some measures you would like to try!


1.Do not touch the skin directly

And wear a tingling inner such as shirts or long-sleeved T-shirt in the knit, it eases the scratchy does not touch the skin directly!
In addition, such as 100% acrylic knit that are handled by mid-may, warm the other hand, the inner wear because there is weak hygroscopic Recommended!
Inner will may not wash knit in time to wear so you smoked a sweat.

It does not scratchy because the knit is not touched in the neck!
Together we shirt plaid to simple plain knit, easy elegant completion of the fashionable style!

You can produce an adult-like atmosphere without touching the high neck nor the neck!
When the warm days make a knit to shoulder, there is also a visual effect that the back is visible high because the other party’s point of view is facing up.

Inner of sweat quick drying material is also sweat and keeps the comfort of smooth!
With exquisite appearance from the neckline peek a white T-shirt, also lightness heavy looks tend to coordination UP!

2.Using the softener

When you wear a knit that you scratch, when washing with a softening agent, the material becomes soft and the irritation to the skin is alleviated.

3. Moisturizing the skin

It is effective to moisturize the skin with body cream etc.
I also recommend Skin Protection Cream Protect S1 which Mid handles!
Because this cream makes a protective film on the skin just by painting, it can be used not only for drying measures but also for countermeasure against crotch shift and shoes prevention so it is very convenient to have one.

By the way, using softener or moisturizing the skin also has the effect of making static electricity less likely to occur.

How was it?
I think that there are times when you are concerned about the scratchy feeling when wool is 100% absolutely.
In such a case, thin cashmere of fibers and polyester with less burden on the skin, knitted with cotton friendly to the bare skin with natural materials is recommended.
Materials detailed in the quality column are listed so please check it.

Knit wears a shirt inside, or change the atmosphere with accessories such as necklace, it looks like an expert fashion at a stretch.
Please try by all means.