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"Product introduction

By the attaching various kinds of badges and have no feelings strong and big change to a fashionable impression!
By the attaching a pin badge to usual clothes it very easy to produce [feeling of coming]!
The pin batch can be attached not only to clothes, but also to shoes, bags, caps, guitar cases.
[It is slightly resistant to change the style of clothes grubby and tired of usual dress.]
Such a pin batch is recommended for those [want a little change].
Adhesive type is iron patch and difference and the pin batch can only be secured with a safety pin and attractive to be attached to favorite things whenever like it.
Some people are interior decorated with curtains, but this is also a merit unique to safety pins.
Let's attach as many pieces as easily at any time according to the mood.

【About the can badge】
・Please use the pin badge for clothing and fashion accessories etc.Please do not use for purposes with the exception .
・Please be careful to the needle when attaching the pin badge.
・Please make the comfirmation that the pin of the pin badge is completely stuck.
・Keep a child out of reach of children because there is a danger of misdrinking.
・With clothes wearing a pin badge,and please be careful because it will cause injury or accident if you exercise hard.
・A pin badge may be deformed when an excessive force is applied.



Note about this item

• The size table is made based on measuring the item by staff.
Please understand the situation, the difference in some may come out depending on the elasticity and the characteristic.

• Please understand the situation the color or form of product may not be correctly displayed by the monitor environment currently used.

• This is a big & tall size clothing

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