Japanese Big & Tall Clothing for Men

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   ›   ステンレススティール チェーン

ステンレススティール チェーン

Item# 1160-3353


Color silver

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Size Sizing Details

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Ideal for sweaty BigMen. Rust resistant stainless steel chain · necklace arrives.
Because it is longer than usual, it can be worn in a balanced manner on a thick neck.
Compared to Silver · Gold · Platinum, it is hard material so it is strong against scratches and easy to clean .

Staff wear feeling

【4L model: Soushi Takeuchi】 Height 181 m Weight 128 kg Bust 116 cm Waist 116 cm Hip 122 cm

wearing F (No. 1 color).
Could not put it on as it was without removing the fasteners, but it is just right for a length. It is a chain of thickness not too thin.

【6 L Model: Usami Maki】 Height 175 cm Weight 152 kg Bust 143 cm Waist 139 cm Hip 134 cm

wearing F (No. 1 color).
Can not put it unless remove the fasteners, but it is not too hard and did not have difficulty in fastening fasteners.Think whether the length is a little longer.

Wearing comment

【4Lモデル:竹内壮志】身長181m 体重128kg バスト116cm ウエスト116cm ヒップ122cm


【6Lモデル:宇佐美大希】身長175cm 体重152kg バスト143cm ウエスト139cm ヒップ134cm



Stainless steel

Note about this item


• The size table is made based on measuring the item by staff.
Please understand the situation, the difference in some may come out depending on the elasticity and the characteristic.

• Please understand the situation the color or form of product may not be correctly displayed by the monitor environment currently used.

• This is a big & tall size clothing

Sizing Details

SizeThe total length
SizeThe total length

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