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Privacy Policy

Haruyama Holdings Inc. and its subsidiary (hereafter, “Haruyama Group”) hereby sets out its privacy policy (hereafter, “Privacy Policy”) designed to ensure the proper handling and protecting of personal information collected from our consumers, business partners, stockholders, employees and recruitment candidates (collectively, “Customers”) in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information. Policy on the Protection of Personal Information indicates as bellow.

1-2-3 Omotecho, Kita ward, Okayama, 700-0822, Japan
President & Representative Director

"Personal information" in this policy is defined as information that can be used to identify a specific individual (including information that can be easily collated with other information to identify a specific individual) or information that includes individual identification code. Personal related information here refers to information that cannot be used to identify individual and not included personal information, anonymously processed information and Kana processed information.

Specific examples of personal information and personal related information in this policy are as follows.

●Personal information
Customer's name, face image, address combined with name, phone number, email address, birthdate etc.

●Information that applicable to category of personal related information, but if Haruyama Group manages it in a form that can be easily collated with other information to identify a specific individual, it applicable to category of personal information.
・Information collected by cookies and other similar techniques
・Device and browser information when browsing our website and web advertisements

1. When asking for Personal Information
In order to provide better services to our customers, we may collect your personal information to the extent necessary for the following purposes.
(1) To provide information on our products and services (product proposals at stores, clothing, sales promotion measures, after-sales service and other related services) by e-mail or other methods. To conduct a questionnaires and survey concerning use of provided services for the purpose of service improvement.
*By linking user lists held by advertising-related businesses with email addresses, phone numbers and other information necessary to identify users held by Haruyama Group, we may identify users who use services provided by advertising-related business operators and propose various services, provide information, and distribute advertisements to users on the said service.
(2) To send purchased goods, thank-you gifts, magazines and provide after-sales service
(3) To respond to customers’ inquiries
(4) To offer and provide information
(5) To confirm invoices or payments
(6) To inform of and operate events, campaigns, exhibitions, seminars and the like
(7) To analyze information relating to customers’ browsing and purchase history, application and attending history written in clause (6) in order to deliver advertising for new products and services that matches customers’ interests
(8) To verify membership when customers use the website operated by Haruyama Group companies.
(9) To provide information about products and services provided by Haruyama Group (clothing and other clothing related products, sales of products at stores, etc.)
(10) To provide information about business activities, products, and other events
(11) To implement the CSR activities
(12) To manage the operations of shareholders and stocks, such as document preparation, records, and data based on laws and regulations
(13) Enforcement of right and fulfillment of obligations by shareholders or the company
(14) To conduct human resources and labor management of Haruyama Group’s executives and employees
(15) To contact and provide information to recruitment candidates
(16) Other uses required for recruitment and recruitment activities
2. Voluntary provision of Personal Information
Provision of personal information is based on the consent of the individual. However, please kindly note that if you do not provide necessary information, we will not be able to register you as a member or provide service and system of each Haruyama Group company.
3. Proper Management and Protection of Personal Information
Haruyama Group shall use personal information only for the purposes disclosed to customers at the time such information is collected, shall not use personal information for any purpose beyond the necessary scope to achieve a utilization purpose specified. The provisions under the preceding paragraphs shall not apply to those cases set forth in the following.
(1) Cases in which Haruyama Group has obtained an individual's consent in advance
(2) Cases in which there is a need to protect a human life, body or fortune, and when it is difficult to obtain an individual's consent
(3) Cases in which there is a special need to enhance public hygiene or promote fostering healthy children, and when it is difficult to obtain an individual's consent
(4) Cases in which there is a need to cooperate to a central government organization or a local government, or a person entrusted by them performing affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, and when there is a possibility that obtaining an individual's consent would interfere with the performance of the said affairs
(5) Cases based on laws and regulations
4. Entrusting of Personal Information to Outsourcers
Acquired personal information may be entrusted to outsourcing agents. Haruyama Group shall enforce proper management by careful selecting outsourcers which has appropriate management system and including in contracts necessary clauses relating proper management and confidentiality of personal information to prevent leakage.
5. Joint use of Personal Information
Collected personal information shall be shared as follows
(1) Personal information that is shared:
Registered information (name, birthdate, sex, address, phone number, email address, etc. that can identify a specific individual)
(2) Entities involved in the sharing or personal information:
1.Haruyama Group companies
・Haruyama Trading Co.,Ltd.
・MIC Co.,Ltd.
・Morione Co.,Ltd.
・Manches Co.,Ltd.
・MIDinternational Co.,Ltd.
・Tahara Concert Co.,Ltd.
2. Joint brands
・P.S.F.A (Perfect Suit Factory, Perfect Shirts Factory)
Note 1: The Group companies here refers to companies (subsidiaries) which Haruyama Holdings Inc. holds majority of voting rights.
Note 2: This Policy is as of the time of publication, and its scope may change in the future due to new establishment, consolidation, business content, brand changes, etc.
(3) Purpose of use
As stipulated in Article 1. (Purpose of Utilization of Personal Information)
(4) Responsible entity for shared use of personal information
Haruyama Holdings Inc.
6. Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party
Haruyama Group will not disclose personal information to any third party without prior consent of individual, except in the cases specified below.
(1) When Haruyama Group entrusts all or part of the handling of the personal information to outsourcers within the scope necessary to fulfill the purpose of using the information
(2) When personal information is provided as a result of business succession due to a merger or other reason
(3) Scope of Article 5. (Joint use of Personal Information)
(4) When there is a need to cooperate to a central government organization or a local government, or a person entrusted by them performing affairs prescribed by laws and regulations, and when there is a possibility that obtaining an individual's consent would interfere with the performance of the said affairs
(5) When the provision of personal information is based on laws and regulations
7. Disclaimer regarding Provision to Third Parties
In the following cases, we will not be held responsible for the acquisition of personal information by a third party.
(1) When the customer himself/herself reveals personal information to a third party such as business operator or recruiting company by using the function of this service or other means
(2) When the customer is identified by a third party based on the customer's activity information or information posted by the customer regarding the use of this service.
(3) Personal information is provided by customers on external sites linked from this service, and if used
(4) When a person other than the customer obtains information (ID, password, etc.) that can identify the individual customer
(5) When there is no reason attributable to our Group
8. Provision of information to customers
Haruyama Group and our outsourcer may send information or content we think may be of interest to you by e-mail or other methods.
9. Creation of Anonymously processed information.
Haruyama Group shall create anonymously processed information based on collected information for the following purposes.
・Improvement of the Haruyama Group's service and development of new services
10. Anonymously Processed Information Handling
(1) We take security control measures to prevent leakage of the deleted information or information regarding the method of processing
(2) We do not take any action to identify the person whose personal information is the source of creation
(3) We publicly announce the categories of information that are included in the anonymously processed information that was created
(4) If the Group provides anonymously processed information to a third party, we will publicly announce the categories of information concerning individuals that are included in the anonymously processed information that we intend to provide and the method of provision, and it clearly informs the third party of the fact that the information to be provided has been anonymized.
11. Use of Statistical Information
Based on the acquired personal information, the Haruyama Group may create statistical data that excluded correspondence relationship with individual. We shall use such data without any restrictions.
12. Application・Privacy Policy
(1) Information to be acquired automatically
When using the service application, customers’ information will be automatically acquired via the application for the following purposes.
Purpose of use: To improve the performance of providing information through services
Information category to be acquired: App usage history, advertisement ID
(2) Information Collection Module
We use the following information collection modules in providing our services to analyzing app usage statistics and advertising effect measurement. Please contact each provider for inquiries regarding regulations related to information collection module providers.
Information collection module provider:Google LLC and its wholly-owned subsidiary
Information collection module name:Google Analytics
Regulations related to information collection module providers:https://www.google.com/privacy.html
13. Collecting Personal related Information
This website uses Cookie for purposes of protection of personal information, improvement of customer convenience, advertisement distribution and collection of statistical data. In addition, this site uses technologies such as cookies and JavaScript to collect attribute information on customer's action history on the site (accessed URL, content, reference order, etc.). The collected information doesn’t contain any personal information. You may disable cookies by changing your browser settings. However, please note that without them, certain functionality on this website may become unavailable. We shall be able to use data that cannot identify individuals without any restrictions.
14. Security Measures
Haruyama Group shall implement appropriate security measures for purposes such as preventing leakage of, loss of, and damage to personal data as follows.
(1) Formulation of the Basic Policy ・Establish basic privacy policy to ensure proper handling of personal information and data, when implementing each response stipulated by laws and regulations and guidelines
(2) Security management measures as an organization ・Establish handling methods, supervisor and its’ role for acquisition, use, storage, provision, deletion/disposal, etc.
(3) Security management measures as an organization ・Assign a person responsible for handling personal data and clarify responsibilities. Clarify who is handling personal data and the scope of personal data handled by employees. ・Establish a reporting system to the person in charge in case that a fact or a sign of violation of laws or internal regulations are detected. ・Conduct periodic inspection for the status of handling of personal data.
(4) Human security management measures ・Provide regular training concerning the noted items and security management measures when handling personal data. ・Stipulate items related to confidentiality regarding personal data into work rules.
(5) Physical security management measures ・Access control ・Restriction on carry-on devices ・Restriction and management on taking out to prevent theft, etc. of equipment and electronic media, etc.
(6) Technical security management measures ・Protection system to prevent unauthorized access from outside, etc.
15. Request for Disclosure etc. of Personal Information (make appropriate responses within the scope of laws and regulations)
(1) Please direct requests (such as those for disclosure, revision, and suspension of use, notification and complaints of retained personal data) to the contact point identified below in Article 19-(2). After confirming that the requesting party is the individual concerned by the information, we will respond appropriately in accordance with the laws and regulations. Haruyama Group designated fees will apply to requests for notification and disclosure of purposes of use.
(2) Telephone calls from customers are recorded in order to improve the quality of customer service and to develop better products and services. If you have set your phone number to be hidden, please add 186 and dial 186-0120-923-924 to notify us of your phone number.
(3) Each group company accepts inquiries regarding products and services of Haruyama Group companies and joint Brands. Please refer to the "Contact Us" page of each company’s website.
16. Personal information of customers under the age of 18 (We will ask for guardian permission.)
Haruyama Group pays the utmost attention to protecting the personal information of customers under the age of 18. Personal information of customers under the age of 18 will be provided with the consent of their parents or assigned guardians.
17. Website of Haruyama Group
(1) Our website can be accessed from countries all around the world with different laws, but matters concerning the content of Haruyama Group’s website are governed by the law of Japan. In addition, access from areas where the content published on the Group’s website is illegal is prohibited.
(2) Please kindly note that if you do not provide necessary information, we will not be able to register you as a member or provide service, system of each Group company.
(3) Customers may use Haruyama Group’s website without registering or providing their personal information. However, in that case, you may be unable to use specific services. In addition, if information such as an ID or password is not entered, customers may be asked frequently for such information.
(4) This website uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer protocol) encrypted communication to protect the confidentiality of information you provide to Haruyama Group. You need to use a browser with SSL capability to establish SSL communication.
18. Improvement measures
Haruyama Group shall make efforts to promptly adjust to changes of social environment in the handling of personal information. We may revise this Privacy Policy and other guidelines as required. Also, in response to changes in the laws and regulations we may revise it without prior notice. Especially important revisions will be announced on the website or nearest stores operated by Haruyama Group companies by designated method. Unless otherwise prescribed, the revised Privacy policy shall take effect from the time of announcement.
19. Other
(1) Jurisdictional Court
If a dispute arises relating to the personal information protection of Haruyama Group, the Okayama District Court shall be appointed as the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of first instance.
(2) Request for Correction or Suspension of Use, etc. of the personal information
1. Each group company accepts complaints, opinions, questions regarding the handling of customers personal information held by the companies of Haruyama Group. For details, please refer to the website of each Haruyama Group company.
2. If the Group receives any of the following requests from you with regard to your Retained Personal Data, it will respond to the request in accordance with the law, within reasonable period and range. • Notification of the purposes of use of Retained Personal Data • Disclosure, record of provision to a third party of Retained Personal Data • Correction, addition or deletion, suspension of use, removal or suspension of provision to a third party of Retained Personal Data.
3. Telephone calls from customers are recorded and caller ID is required for the purpose of verifying the inquiry and request correctly. If you have set your phone number to be hidden, please add 186 and dial 186-0120-923-924 to notify us of your phone number.
4. Please note that we decline inquiries made by directly visiting our company.
● 「Customer Consultation Desk」
HARUYAMA Trading Co., Ltd.
Telephone number 0120-923-924
E-mail haruyama@haruyama.biz
Office hours: Weekdays 9am - 6pm (closed on weekends, public holidays, Summer and New year holidays)
(3) Revision
Revised: April 17, 2018
Revised: July 6, 2022

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