Japanese Big & Tall Clothing for Men

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Big & Tall Ninja Costume

Item# 2002-5923


Color black

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Size Sizing Details

  • 4L

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Authentic ninja costumes with garments and underwear, flat ridges, masks, bands, backs, foot bonds set.
You can wear it perfect for 3L - 4L size people.
Because you can adjust the size according to the overlay of the upper garment 2 L even wearing
Because waist straps contain rubber, they have elasticity and are comfortable around the stomach!
As it is a solid material, you may be concerned about the feeling of crispness at first, but I will fit you each time you wear a number of times.
When ninja clothes fit perfectly, it is proof that ninjutsu has improved!

It adopts black color from the top of the head to the toe, so it will show your body line beautifully.
Halloween's costume party etc. There is no doubt that you will draw attention if you wear it at the event.
Of course people are watching! Just wearing will increase the tension!
If you arrange swords and shuriken, the atmosphere of the ninja is even better! !
Even if you give it as a gift for overseas it will be appreciated!

Ninja garment wearing method:
1. I will wear a garments・underwear. The garment is matched so that the collar on your left side overlies the right side. Put the hem in the bottom garment.
2. Wrap the belt around the waist.
3. Add a leggings.
4. Add a mask.
5. Wear a flat head wid.
6. Put on your backs.

【【About size】
The waist size of the size table will be applicable range.

Pants front closure / waist shearing (adjustable stringed)

Material quality
Polyester 65%
Cotton 35%

How to attach a gait method

Part 1
I will pass the legs through.

Part 2
Pass the string through the back through hole and tie at the side.

Part 3

Combine balance by twisting two strings on the top and bottom


How to attach flat head width method

Part 1

Install the master.

Part 2
Lay out the triangular part of the hood and join the string at the back.

Part 3
She turns the fabric so that its tip is behind the head.

Part 4
Cross the front end of the flipped cloth.

Part 5
Completed the crossed cloth at the back


How to attach the backing method

Part 1
Thread through the middle finger through the loop.

Part 2
Wrap the cord around your hands around the string.

Part 3

Completed in string wrapped around the cord





ポリエステル 65%
綿 35%

腰総ゴム Warning: Color may transfer Machine Washable

Note about this item

• The size table is made based on measuring the item by staff.
Please understand the situation, the difference in some may come out depending on the elasticity and the characteristic.

• Please understand the situation the color or form of product may not be correctly displayed by the monitor environment currently used.

• This is a big & tall size clothing

Sizing Details

SizeChestPosterior full lengthShoulder lengthSleeveArmholeCuff
SizeWaistThigh width at fullest partHipPosterior full length
SizeChestPosterior full lengthShoulder lengthSleeveArmholeCuff
SizeWaistThigh width at fullest partHipPosterior full length





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