Japanese Big & Tall Clothing for Men

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"Product introduction

Big men must-see!! There are lots of good merits in the socks if the big men wear it!!
Of course it is a matter of fitting with kimonos and work clothes,but we have no choice but to wear every time we have a great function every time.
The fact that the tip is broken at the bottom also makes the BigMan merit obtained is amazing!

[To Prevent smell and stuffiness]
It is a feature that it is harder to stuff than regular socks because it is cracked twice.
Also,tabi is socks and different,because it is composed of ''outer material''and ''lining material'',Sweat does not bleed out to the outer material, it will shut out odor.

[Carriage Improvement]
As the thumb is independent and divided into two parts, the position of center of gravity is improved so that it comes to the center of the body, and the posture is improved.
The power of the thumb is strengthened, it becomes hard to get tired as it will be able to walk with the toes.

[Hallux valgus prevention]
It to seems to be many women,actually men is often have hallux valgus.
If walking is bad or muscle strength and physical strength is weak,men will also become hallux valgus.
When wearing socks, it is told that it will prevent hallux valgus as the toes spread and grab the ground as it walks.
Usually for wearing want to ncorporate it.


4 sheets Kohase/Broad cotton
【To choice a socks method】
Please select the one that does not have wrinkles with a fit feeling fitted to your feet when you wear it.

【To wear a socks method】
1.Fold back the heel part of the mold about 3 cm,and pull it 2 to 3 times sideways with the thumb of both hands.
2.Hold down the waist and hold the part of the heel folded back with the left and right thumbs, pull the socks firmly, and put your toes.
3.After putting all the feet, pull up the heel part.
4.Raise the folded part of the instep.
If you try to pull the shell seams (seams at the center of the sock) to the thumb side, the gaps between the fingers will not hurt, and wrinkles will not be applied to the socks.
5.Float your toe with your heel on tatami and floor,it will multiply it from the lowest limit. At this time, make sure that the fabric of the part corresponding to the Achilles tendon is firmly put in.
6.Put your weight on your feet when hanging over all of this.It is completed by making socks blunt.

【To washing a socks method】
・Melt the detergent in lukewarm water and put it on while the dirt is solidified.
・Dirt is easy to fall down when washing with a toothbrush etc.
・The recommend hand washing to prevent shape collapse.
・When using a washing machine,and please wash the bottom with a toothbrush and wash it in the net and wash it.
・To wash out firmly and not to leave detergent,and drying in the shade is the point of yellowing prevention.

Material Quality
Polyester 65%
cotton 35%
Back: 100% cotton
Bottom: 100% cotton"







ポリエステル 65%
綿 35%
裏:綿 100%
底:綿 100%

手洗い Items cannot be returned and refunded after opening packages of items.

Note about this item


• The size table is made based on measuring the item by staff.
Please understand the situation, the difference in some may come out depending on the elasticity and the characteristic.

• Please understand the situation the color or form of product may not be correctly displayed by the monitor environment currently used.

• This is a big & tall size clothing

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