Japanese Big & Tall Clothing for Men

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   ›   WANKODO  3.2寸ちりめんがま口



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Kuroshiba Wankodo`s GAMAGUCHI which is good size for Coin purse!
Crepe pattern of crispy is Japanese modern and a nice finish.
Since the mouth opens wide, it is easy to see, easy to take out with a big hand!
The round shape and easy to fit in the hands easy to hold, when you want to go out for a while Because you can also put in your pocket Good for carrying!
The origin of the Gamaguchi wallet is said to be the appearance when opening the mouth of the wallet and to return, which means that money comes back.
Boasting a strong and good quality making, it is made in Japan. Safely !

Note about this item

• The size table is made based on measuring the item by staff.
Please understand the situation, the difference in some may come out depending on the elasticity and the characteristic.

• Please understand the situation the color or form of product may not be correctly displayed by the monitor environment currently used.

• This is a big & tall size clothing

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