Japanese Big & Tall Clothing for Men

An Introduction to MID’s Big Size Ninja Costume

Big & Tall Ninja Costume
Big & Tall Ninja Costume

On the 22nd of February—National Ninja Day in Japan—we at MID announced our commitment to create a ninja costume perfect for our big and tall customers. And we delivered! After hearing from you about how you couldn’t find the right fit to live out your dreams of becoming a shinobi, we decided to challenge ourselves and make that dream a reality. Until now, coming across a ninja outfit larger than an LL seemed impossible. Following our motto of “big from head to toe”, we devoted our resources to creating the best big size ninja outfit ever!

Ninjas are a popular icon of Japan, and originated in feudal times—as far back as the 12th century. Infamous for their gymnastic like physical abilities and powers of stealth, they were trained as spies and mercenaries and came to find themselves a notable fixture of traditional Japanese folklore by the period of the Meiji Restoration in 1868.

How Did Our Ninja Costume Come to Be?

After thoroughly researching all about ninja and their history, three main points popped up again and again: the colors should be hidden, it should be easy to move in, and it should hide your identity. From this point, we dove straight into the creation process—little did we know what we were getting ourselves into!

ninja clothing

Big and tall sizing calls for big and tall patterning—over three meters in fact! It takes our in-house designers up to half a day to finish cutting the fabric for one outfit before beginning the sewing by hand.

ninjya sweing hand

From our initial announcement in February, through countless trial and error we finally reached our final prototype by March. With the help of a live model we were able to pinpoint problems such as certain areas being too tight and others being too long or too short, and after close to six months we at last arrived at the final product.

The MID Touch

Not only did we manage to create a made-to-order big and tall sized ninja outfit, but we also added our signature MID touch—four special points that make wearing the ninja suit even more comfortable:

  1. We made it easier to move your hands and arms through the sleeves by enlarging them by an extra 4cm around the opening, and also added stretchable elastic for the finger hole for more flexibility and comfort.
  2. We added elastic lining and two adjustable drawstrings in each shin section of the pants to be more adaptable and accommodate for different shapes and sizes.
  3. We assembled the chest area with drawstrings under each armpit to help combat the chest being exposed while moving.
  4. We included two elastic waistbands at the back and stomach areas, which support and move easily with the body—even when jumping or pulling off ninja moves!

How to Wear MID’s Ninja Outfit

How to Wear the Mask & Headpiece

  1. Wrap the mask piece around your mouth and nose, and tie it in place at the back.
  2. Place the triangular section of the headpiece over your face, and tie it from behind.
  3. Once in place, move the entirety of the cloth onto your head in the shape of a veil.
  4. Pull the two sides under your chin, one side crossing over the other.
  5. Wrap the two sides around your neck, and tie them together in place.

How to Wear the Armpieces

  1. Palm facing up, move your arm into the sleeve until your middle finger is held in place by the elastic loop.
  2. Wrap the drawstring around the entirety of the arm, from elbow to wrist.
  3. Once sturdy, tie the drawstring at its narrowest point and tie it to hold the armpiece in place.

How to Wear the Legpieces

  1. Place your leg into the legpiece so that it is wrapped around your calf.
  2. Loop the top drawstring through the loophole and around the calf, before tying it together on the side.
  3. Repeat step two for the bottom drawstring, adjusting both so that they’re well balanced along the calf.

Where to Wear Your Ninja Costume

While more adventurous types might like to wear their outfit for a night out on the town or maybe even a casual trip to the mall, where you wear your new big and tall ninja outfit is entirely up to you!

We’ve heard from customers who have dressed themselves up to attend their favorite conventions, to participate in parades, for costume parties, and even for historical reenactments. Of course, Halloween is also a popular choice of event to deck yourself out as this legendary Japanese figure!

What Can You Do in Your Ninja Outfit?

Our big and tall ninja outfit is so comfortable and easy to move in you can do almost anything in it, but seeing as you’re dressed as this mysterious character you should play the part! Kuji-kiri and Kuji-in, traditional ninja hand poses, are a selection of nine poses that are said to invoke supernatural powers when made while in dangerous situations

While the supernatural aspect is debatable, scientific studies have shown that making certain hand poses in fact can affect brain waves to invoke peace and wellbeing. So you’re not only looking like a calm, cool, and collected ninja warrior, but you’ll be feeling like one on the inside too. You can also try your hand at throwing some shuriken ninja stars or throwing knives, or even pulling off some slick moves while wielding a ninja sword or blowgun!

The MID Promise

We at MID are excited to offer our custom-made big and tall ninja outfit to our customers. Based on our promise to be the best big and tall outfitter for men, eight months of dedication and trial and error have allowed us to create what we know to be the best 3L/4L ninja outfit available today! We hope that you can enjoy the mystery and the magic of becoming a shinobi just as much as we have enjoyed creating it for you.

For more information about our ninja outfit or to inquire about an order, you can contact us via our support page.