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Making houses where people with big bodies can live well! What is the comfortable toilet D-PLACE thought

Thank you for using of the mid-International.
In Mid, we have launched the “”D – PLACE”” project, a project to solve every problem that occurs in the life of a big person.
We are thinking about creating an environment that makes it easy for people with big bodies to live, based on the voices we receive from customers, such as not only clothes troubles but also inconvenience in our daily lives.
We are trying to identify the habit which becomes the cause of each trouble from everyday life, aiming at making environment space easy to spend while proposing improvement one by one.
So, Seirei Christopher University Assistant Professor, which is also the specialist of life behavior in the mid, with higher brain dysfunction field professional occupational therapist of Tomomi Nakajima teacher, the analysis of the life behavior, we started the living environment create a large human body can move comfortably.
Last time, we focused on the “living room” where staying at home was the longest, and took up the living environment where a big person’s body is easy to move.
Today is the second time, we will focus on the toilet, which is especially important in our home, and introduce the daily problems caused by the””toilet”” and the improvement plan.

Toilet is narrow and cramped location


When the body is large, you may hear a voice saying that the toilet is narrower and cramped.
In particular, I think that it is not easy to secure the trace space because the apartment of living alone becomes a living space in a limited space.
For the 0.4 tsubo type

Because the depth is narrow, it is easy to hit the head to the door and the wall when bending down or standing up.
Even if using the side as an entrance and exit, it will become easy to hit when you crouch.
For the 0.5 tsubo type
If you have this type, even if there is a door ahead, even if there is a door on the side does not have to hit the head.
I also tried to summarize the problems that occur in the restroom.
Problems with the toilet space
– When raising and lowering the pants, when the elbow is spread, the hand collides with the wall, and it is difficult to put on and take off the trousers
• Space is narrow and difficult to rise
– The height of the toilet is too low and feel a burden on knees when standing up
When the toilet space is cramped, it happens that it cannot be put on and taken off in a normal posture or it is difficult to stand up.
At that time, loads are gradually applied to the knees and waist, so be careful.
Improvement plan
– Handrail to reduce the load on the rise;
If you can put an L-shaped bar on the side if possible, the burden on the knee will be lightened.
– Raise the toilet bowl by as much as 10cm (adjusted by height) it can be a loose angle to reduce the load of rising
– Choose a toilet with a width of about 10cm(width 80cm ~ 90cm)when placing both elbows at the waist.

The toilet seat is surprisingly burdensome

Toilet seat to accept weight at once.
There are various problems also here.
Problems with toilet seat.
– The size of the buttocks and the size of the toilet seat do not match
– The knees and lower back hurt when getting up after sitting on the toilet
Improvement plan
• The higher the toilet bowl, the easier it stands up
• Since it is easy to hurt lower back and joints, toilet seat warms the body by utilizing the heat retaining function
The load carrying weight that the toilet seat can support is that it is the maximum 130 kg is sold in Japan (examined in March, 2018)
It seems that the toilet seat may be damaged if a further load is applied.
In addition, it is easy to reduce the burden on the body by attaching a handrail to disperse the load, such as during a rise.

The ideal of the toilet for the large human body

Of course, it is best to be able to secure enough space for the toilet, but the below of the toilet is the best as well.

Ideal toilet conditions

1. Secure enough toilet space
2. To ensure sufficient space in front of the toilet, the door can be opened outside or the door can be detached
3. Attach a handrail to reduce the burden on the rise from the toilet seat
4. Adjust the height of the toilet bowl to reduce the burden on the rise from the toilet seat (40cm ~ 42cm is the best)
5. Toilet bowl is western style than Japanese style
6. It is good to choose the one that does not get cold. Tiles are NG

About the toilet, I asked the toilet maker

In pursuit of even the ideal toilet, I asked a toilet maker about the problems with big toilets held by the body.
• How big is the toilet seat? → The size of the toilet seat is almost the same.
• What is the load capacity of the toilet seat? → If it is domestic in Japan, it is about 130 Kg.
• Can you break the toilet seat? Is there a lifetime? → If you overload it, it will crack or break.
• How much money will it cost to install a handrail? → It depends on the type and strength of handrail.
• Is there a function that does not place a burden on the rise of the toilet? → It is also good to arrange railings or put shelves to put hands on the side.
– How comfortable is the space in the toilet?→This feels different depending on the person.
• How much is the repair cost of the toilet? → It will depending on functions and equipment.
It was that.
Even in a toilet where space cannot be taken enough, it is possible to reduce the burden on the body by installing handrails etc.
First of all, it may be important to clarify which part you want to improve first.