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Maintenance of Business shirt! How to wash business shirt that is hard to wrinkle.

However every day is wear business shirt, to taking the iron and maintenance is difficulty.
Therefore difficulty, chose the shape memory Y shirt but it was full of wrinkles when washing it.
After all, as usual Irons are getting off … Does nothing happen?

iron care

Certainly, shape memory shirts are “”prominent”” to be wrinkle-proof.
When it comes to saying that “”wrinkles are still conspicuous!””,
Perhaps the washing method may be the cause.

So this time, Introduce five ways can clean, not ironing shirts wrinkles will not be noticeable!

1.Try not to get tangled with other laundry

Let’s put it in the laundry net and do not get tangled with other laundry.
If do not have a laundry net, in order to fix the tangled sleeves
It is good to put the sleeve button on the button hole of the front body.

shirts care

2.Use softener

Softeners have the effect of reducing washing wrinkles.
Not only does wrinkle grow but also makes you feel better and comfortable to wear!


3.dehydration short

Let’s set the dehydration time as short as possible.
Wrinkles will stretch by drying in a state containing a little moisture.
If it is only a shirt, around 30 seconds is a standard.

4.Shake with both shoulders

Let’s dry immediately after dehydration.
Shake the shoulders of the shirt and shake it several times before it dries.
If possible, can easily fold the part where wrinkles are likely to occur
It is recommended that you tap lightly and stretch wrinkles and then hang it.

5. Hang with a wide hanger

It’s not a thick wire hanger, it’s thick and around the shoulder width
If use a wide hanger, it is difficult to produce dried juice and it is dry too quickly.

bigsize hanger

What do you think.
Just try a little ingenuity before dry, so can reduce wrinkles when dry, so please try it!

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