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Let’s find out the body smell with self-check! Middle fat odor, sweat smell, aging smell, foot smell which applies?

First of all people who care about body odor is probably worried about whether people think “you” is uncomfortable from people.
So it may be an important point that your body odor is the odor which people do not like or not.

body odor

It may seem a bit surprising, but it is not “aging smell” that people dislike odor, more particularly women’s poor body odor. Do you say that if it is ok with aging odor, there are girls who like it a little. I do not dislike Aoki because I feel like a dusty fragrance that I can depend on a bit.
(Although it is personal opinion, girls like older men probably likes including old age)

Moreover what the girls dislike, is other odor.
Most women and others are not good odor.
Many men also assume that this odor is “age-old”, but it is not.
Although sweat odor, middle fat odor, aging odor, foot odor are the represent for men body odor, but the occurrence of age, location, source, measures are completely different.

What kind of odor do you do?
Most of the people should have the multiple of smell.
But please be relieved. You can definitely improve your body odor properly.

For that, let’s first try the self-check in the figure below.
Determine of all apply odor, is the most important point of the getting rid of body odor.
If there is even one applicable item, that odor is the body odor you have. I think that there are many applicable items as much as manly.

Middle odor

Middle odor check sheet
How many habits and symptoms are applicable to you?

Sweat odor

How many habits and symptoms are applicable to you?
sweat odor

Aging odor

How many habits and symptoms are applicable to you?
ancient odor

Foot odor

How many habits and symptoms are applicable to you?
shoe odor

Which odor type you applied?
Of course, people who apply all of them are supposed to come. I think that it was because you are able to look at the fact calmly.
You can definitely improve your body odor properly!
With this, you do not have to lose while you do not know.

Now, well, we will proceed to eliminate your smell!
Unexpected living is, may be unhappy while you do not know.

Please check the blog below for measure of foot odor!
The foot smell is dramatically improved! The mid-staff is doing realistically 100 yen uniformity item utilization technique!

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